Australia’s youngest mayor, one of the three leaders to “break the bamboo ceiling”

The deputy mayor of Cr Nguyen is also Vietnamese-Australian. The new mayor said he hopes to increase employment, create a mental health hub, and help Brimbank recover from the effects of the pandemic.


Founded in 2014 by Victorian Multicultural Commission Chairman Vivienne Nguyen and founded by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser as the first backer, the Dual Identity Leadership Program enables the immigrant community to better represent political and public life. Is rapidly forming a blueprint for how to do it.

With about 30 participants each year, the program is currently run by graduates, including former Greens MLC Huong Truong and Celia Tran, who was selected on the Top 50 Public Sector Women List. They have been asked by leaders of other ethnic community groups for advice on how they too can help young people.

Cr Claudia Nguyen agreed that it was exciting to see people like her in a prominent position.

“I’m a woman, queer, and I rarely feel like I’m in a room,” she said.

“If we can pave the way for those who identify with me, we can get them to see that it is possible … that’s an achievement.”

Vivienne Nguyen said the program was designed to take pride in Vietnamese culture while teaching participants how to access the Australian network.

“People with different cultural backgrounds [same] Opportunity, “she said.

“We weren’t born here. Our parents didn’t know a lawyer. We’re not part of the network in Victoria, especially Melbourne. It’s very relationship-based.”

CrTran, a progressive politician eager for a higher level role in government, said major parties should do more to support diverse communities.

As mayor, he promised to advocate a headspace center to support the mental health of youth in Maribianong.

Former Mayor Michael Clarke said Cr Tran is the future of politics, especially in the western part of Melbourne.

“He is an intelligent young man, a clear and great thinker. [and] He is ready to listen, act, think, reflect, as well as listen, “he said.

Cr Tran was two weeks younger than David Eden, the youngest mayor before being elected to lead the Kingston Council at the age of 22 in 2016.

Emilia Lisa Sterjova headlined in 2019 When she elected the mayor of Whittlesea on the eve of her 23rd birthday.

Commonwealth Labor Party Rep. Clare O’Neil was 23 when he became mayor of Greater Dandenon in 2004 and held the title of the country’s youngest mayor for several years.

Vivienne Nguyen, Claudia Nguyen and Jasmine Nguyen are not relevant.

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Australia’s youngest mayor, one of the three leaders to “break the bamboo ceiling”

Source link Australia’s youngest mayor, one of the three leaders to “break the bamboo ceiling”

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