Australia’s Top Model Signs with CK Talent

Oliver Hughes, one of Australia’s Top Models, recently announced that he has signed with CK Talent Management for exclusive world-wide representation. Hughes chose the agency because of its founder, Craig Rogalski, who is known for vigorously representing his clients and protecting them within their respective industries. Hughes has said publicly, as a model he felt exploited and used by the industry and he chose Rogalski for his fearless representation of his clients.

Oliver Hughes

“I heard about Rogalski through people in the industry, so my Mom and I checked him out. We learned that he was the real deal, when it comes to representing and protecting his clients.” Hughes’s mom has managed him for a while now but she as a mom could only do so much and Hughes has been very public regarding her struggles with her cancer diagnosis. 

“My mom’s wish was for me to be in safe hands with someone she and my dad trusted, she determined it was Rogalski!” “We were able to eventually get in contact with him and after a couple weeks of talking to his team, we got a meeting with him. My mom and I spoke with him and he put us at ease and we knew from that point I had to sign with him.”

Hughes pictured here with his Mom

Since signing with him, he has helped Hughes a great deal. “The relationship I have with him is a close one and I can always get in contact with him.” “He has helped me get away from those who have used me, and exploited me. He is always straightforward and direct with me and I like that.” 

Rogalski who was named in 2021 as one of the most Hottest Managers world-wide to be represented by and was named as one of the top 10 most influential managers internationally, has an impressive client list. His clients include a Sr. member of the British Royal Family, several well-known influencers and actors. His modeling clients have appeared on the runways at NYFW, LAFW and Miami Swim Week. They have also been published in ELLE Magazine, British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar. They have represented brands from Nike, Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, Malan Breton to name a few. His clients have appeared in two Oscar nominated movies and two of his actors won best actor at the Cannes film festival. His work with Rogalski has now placed him on the world stage, which has garnered Hughes much attention.

Hughes in an ad for aussieBum

Hughes grew up and attended school in Sydney. After being bullied while in school which weighed on him mentally he started to show an interest in fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Which assisted him in coping with the trauma that he faced from the bullying. In his late teens Hughes was encouraged to pursue modeling part-time to earn some extra income. Fitness is important to him as it helps him maintain a healthy physical and mental state. 

Oliver Hughes is a male model who gained popularity for modeling the Australian men’s swimwear brand, aussieBum. Hughes has made a name for himself in the fashion industry, particularly in the world of swimwear and underwear modeling. Working with some of the most well-known brands in the industry.

Hughes in an ad for aussieBum

He has worked with several brand’s, including Bulk Nutrients a supplement company, Hotel Poros a Resort Sportswear & Swimwear line, Vacay Swimwear, Dreamers Australia, TEAMM8 and Pwrmeals. In addition to working with high profile brands, Hughes has worked with various high-profile photographers.

Hughes was approached by aussieBum, a popular Australian men’s swimwear brand known for its bold designs and vibrant colors. Hughes became an official model with the brand and quickly gained recognition for his chiseled physique and confident personality. HIs images have appeared on buses, billboards and in print ads for aussieBum. 

Hughes on a billboard for aussieBum in Australia

Over the years, Hughes has become one of the most recognizable faces of aussieBum and in Australian underwear and swimwear modeling. He routinely gets approached for pictures from fans and when not modeling or working out you can find him at his family’s cafe X74 in Sydney.  

Hughes has attributed his success in the modeling industry to his work ethic and dedication to staying fit. He spends several hours every day at the gym, working on his physique and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He has also emphasized the importance of being confident and comfortable in one’s skin, which he believes is essential for success in the modeling industry. Hughes is notoriously private about his personal life, and little is known about his personal relationships or family background. He is active on social media, where he often shares updates on his modeling career, fitness and recently opened up about his mothers struggles with her cancer diagnosis. 

Hughes during a photoshoot for the brand Hotel Poros

Hughes has also used his platform to raise awareness about mental health and encourage his followers to prioritize their wellbeing. This cause is important to Hughes since he himself was a victim of severe bullying, which weighed on him heavily growing up.

Oliver Hughes is a successful model in the niche fashion industries of underwear and swimwear modeling. His initial work with aussieBum and his other brands has made him a recognizable face in the two industries, and he has gained a significant fan base. Hughes’ dedication to fitness and his confident personality have been key to his success, and he continues to be the most sought-after Australian model in the industry. 

He still remains humble and those who have worked with him say he has a heart of gold, someone who really cares about others. In an industry where most of the top male models come from Europe and America,  he is the best representation of what Australia has recently offered up to the international male modeling industry. You can follow Hughes journey through his instagram page @olihughesfit

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