Australia’s largest political donor hands millions of dollars to the Liberal Party

Australia’s largest political donor over the past year has been identified as paper and cardboard mogul Anthony Pratt.

Visy’s Billionaire Executive Chairman has invested $ 1.29 million in the Liberal Party’s branch through his company, Pratt Holdings, over the course of 12 months.

That figure is down from the $ 1.5 million donated by Pratt the previous year, less than half of the $ 3 million he delivered in 2018-19.

In a briefing released by Oxfam last month, Pratt is Australia’s fourth wealthiest person with over $ 20 billion in wealth.

Last year, one of Pratt’s paper mills was awarded $ 10 million by the federal government through the Bushfire Regional Economic Recovery Fund, which was set up to “help the community recover.”

Other big earners in the coalition included the National Policy Forum, a means of financing, which brought over $ 250,000 and provided the private sector with a “real voice at the policy-making table.”

The Labor Party’s greatest contribution came in the form of $ 3.67 million from affiliates. This is an organization that is largely owned or operated for the benefit of the Labor Party.

The party also received from the union for a total of less than $ 1 million-Shops, Distribution and Union Employees Association (SDA), United Trade Unions, and Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Unions (CFMEU).

Camera iconDonations open & # 8220; Powerful Doors & # 8221; For benefactors, according to analysis by the Grattan Institute. SMH / AFR Pool Photo: Dominique Lorimar credit: supply

Overall, Australian political parties reported total revenue of $ 177 million, which was almost indistinguishable.

It wasn’t just the major political parties that were reaping serious dough from private benefactors. Advance Australia, a right-wing movement, has declared $ 1.3 million, mainly from corporate donations, and the left-wing movement is GetUp! Raised $ 553,000 entirely from individuals.

A common practice is for some companies to donate to both key parties, including this year ANZ Bank and Wesfarmers handing over $ 100,000 to both parties.

An analysis of this year’s data by the Grattan Institute states that “donations open a strong door.”

“Australian political parties usually rely on only a handful of major donors, who can achieve significant access and influence,” he said.

It has also been pointed out that four of the last five federal elections have won the party with the largest war chest.

Data on political contributions were released by the Australian Election Commission on Tuesday.

Australia’s largest political donor hands millions of dollars to the Liberal Party

Source link Australia’s largest political donor hands millions of dollars to the Liberal Party

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