Australian workers prefer digital contracts

More than four in five Australian workers (83%) want to digitally sign workplaces and other contracts in the future. Adobe I will propose.

In a survey of 400 corporate workers, 56% believe that digital contracts are safer than physical contracts, and 62% spend less time filling out contracts due to digitalization. I am reporting that there is.

On the other hand, the use of digital contracts and digital signatures is increasing throughout the workplace. Adobe said its use of the Adobe Sign platform has increased 17-fold over the last two years.

Outside the workplace, one in six respondents reported signing digital agreements on non-work-related activities such as financial agreements, doctor appointments, education and childcare-related agreements.

“Digital contracts are changing not only how we work, but how we organize our personal lives,” commented Adobe Document Cloud, Chandra Sinna Tamby, Asia Pacific Head.

“For the past 12 months, digital contracts have continued to grow rapidly, resulting in faster business outcomes and faster approval processes. Companies that are adopting digital transformation and moving away from paper. Individuals are using far more effective technology to streamline operations inside and outside the office. “

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Australian workers prefer digital contracts

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