Australian wines are increasingly establishing their presence in India

Australian winemakers such as Torbreck Vintners and Yalumba are increasing their presence in India, where the market for high quality wines is expanding.

Torbreck Vintners recently launched six wines in the mid-to-premium price range. Meanwhile, Yalumba launched a new wine after securing a new importer with the support of the Australian Trade Promotion Agency.

Torbreck announces premium wine series

The COVID-19 pandemic has suspended growth in Indian wine consumption. But with the desire for new wines, the market is reopening. This appetite includes premium-level new varieties that go beyond entry and mid-price wines.

Torbreck Vintners is eager to share premium wines with Indian consumers. We have appointed a new Mumbai-based importer, Vinopolis Wines LLP, to launch six bottles of wine in September. These are priced in the premium to ultra premium range.

Wines include Grenache Shiraz, Wood Cutters Shiraz, Steading, Streoy, The Factor and Run Rig.

The Australian Trade Promotion Agency will continue to support its presence and market share in India. Founded in 1994, Torbreck Vintners produces Rhone-style red and white wines from the oldest and arguably the best vineyards in the Barossa Valley.

Yalumba secures new importer

In October 2021, the Australian Trade Promotion Agency helped Yalumba secure its presence in the Indian market.

Yalumba’s export arm, Negociants International, was looking for a new Indian importer. The Australian Trade Promotion Agency has seized the opportunity to connect Negosian and Mumbai-based importer Chenab Impex. Yalumba is the first Australian wine in the Chenab Impex portfolio.

This agreement allows Yalumba to maintain and build its presence in India. This is essential when trade turmoil is affecting exports to traditional Asian markets.

“This is a perfect example of the importance of local market intelligence,” said Stuart Reese, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner of the Australian Trade Promotion Agency.

“We track how Australian brands behave in the market and match opportunities with client needs.”

Yalumba has launched the Yalumba Y series, which includes Samuel’s collection Barossa Shiraz and Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier and Shiraz–Viognier.

Founded in 1849, Yalumba is Australia’s oldest and largest family-owned wine company. The Y series is a collection of iconic classics and new varieties. Each wine is made from fruits from South Australia’s famous wine regions.

Australian wines are increasingly establishing their presence in India

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