Australian QAnon gives Satanism a bad name

Canon giving a bad name to Satanism

ABC four corners have Broadcast the report A tire kicker chasing pigeons is building a happy applause space laser for Australians who believe in QAnon.

Over 20,000 QAnon followers in Australia believe that the world is run by left-wing but organized Satanists.

Australian Satanists are Australian moms and dads who barbecue in the backyard and hit each other with cricket bats (the devilish cross of cricket and bats).

four corners We investigated alleged friends of the prime minister who told his family that he could “talk to cockroaches.”

This common Australian practice is unobtrusive unless cockroaches speak.

Queen’s Birthday Honor Listed On One Side

Sky news host Petacredorin She has been appointed to the Order of Australia for her selfless work in nursing, homeless feeding, firefighting, medical research, emergency assistance, elderly care, disability assistance, and sports achievements.

Invasion of unified fuzzy objects

The unidentified fuzzy object footage is a definitive proof that the UFO is actually blurry and probably cute.

A U.S. Air Force pilot who filmed the UFO said: “Fortunately, I didn’t use the easy zoom-in feature of the F-18 camera. I should have brought my iPhone.”

However, amateur garibologist Isa Wideshut said, “It’s difficult to shoot unstable and blurry images with autofocus and 4K high-resolution iPhone cameras.”

A new app for UFO Chaser has been released. The iPhone shakes, the screen goes dark, and the imagination swirls.

A UFO researcher submitted thousands of photos of sightings taken during the day. Skeptics had another word for them … “clouds”.

New law prohibiting discrimination against discrimination

Attorney General Michaelia Cash has rewritten the controversial religious discrimination bill to denounce indiscriminate discrimination crimes.

Under the new law, eat red shrimp with French lemon butter sauce (Leviticus 11: 9-12), wear nylon / cotton blend activewear (Leviticus 19:19), and fine-tune goats (Leviticus 19:17). ) And other sinful behavioral conversion therapies are permitted. ..

Meanwhile, Australia is being treated with Michaelia Cash as Attorney General to prevent Christian Porter from turning to anyone.

Joyce what you need

Barnaby Joyce MP said a Sri Lankan refugee girl Tarnica and Copica If the name is “Jane” or “Sally”, the process is different. Or “Burnaby”.

If they were born in Australia, they would be treated differently. No … wait …

In other news …

  • Pfizer is the new 50
  • Australian clubs ban women who want to be members of clubs that don’t want them
  • The cat is not angry, just disappointed. Obviously in you.
  • Caucasian privileged guys don’t want to share it
  • Morrison government lacks new and exciting ways to ruin vaccination

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Australian QAnon gives Satanism a bad name

Source link Australian QAnon gives Satanism a bad name

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