Australian Government, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke Declares Tennis Stars Risks to Civil Order, Public Health

Hawk explains that a 34-year-old visiting tennis player can be offensive to public order and morals, and if the prevalence of Omicron variants in Australia is increasing the number of cases, an influential person or role model Claims to ignore public places. Health measures can undermine the pandemic response of federal, state, and quasi-state governments.

The day after Djokovic confirmed his participation in a media interview and photo shoot in Serbia this week and received confirmation of the positive status of COVID, Hawk said: Given Djokovic’s actions after receiving the positive results of COVID-19, publicly stated views, and the above matters regarding his unvaccinated status, his continued presence in Australia is Ignore others or act inconsistent with Australian public health advice or police.

“In addition, Mr. Jokovic’s continued presence in Australia could lead to increased sentiment against vaccination in the Australian community, the type of public anxiety previously experienced in Australia in rallies and protests. I think it could lead to an increase, which in itself is a source of communication for the community. “

The Minister concluded: “These issues are important for protecting the lives and health of many members of the general public and for maintaining Australia’s health care system, which is facing increasing tensions in the current pandemic situation.”

To successfully defend his decision under immigration law, the Minister does not need to prove that this has happened or will occur unless Djokovic is deported to Serbia.

The broad responsibility is that as long as Djokovic stays in Melbourne, he could already hold mass rallies in the capital and become a pin-up boy in the hardcore anti-Bucks movement that is pervasive in union and political parties. Fringe of national affairs. This can disrupt compliance with public health regulations and increase illness due to COVID, hospitalization, and ultimately death.

A sign depicting Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic in a building in Belgrade,

However, in the same document, the minister admitted that Djokovic was not trying to break Australian law and was a “respectable person” known for his philanthropy.

Djokovic’s lawyer, Nicholas Wood SC, was placed in a preliminary hearing by Judge Anthony Kelly of the Federal Circuit late Friday night, citing the minister’s reason by the Melbourne Airport border authorities first canceling Djokovic’s visa. He said it was “totally different” from the reason he quoted when he did. He was put in an immigration camp.

“What the minister does is to take on all the facts that may have been a problem in the past, in Djokovic’s favor,” Wood said. “The Minister has discovered and assumed that Mr. Djokovic is in compliance with the law.”

Mr Wood said a flaw in the minister’s approach was that he did not consider deporting Djokovic when considering whether Djokovic’s continued presence in Melbourne stirs anti-vax sentiment. rice field.

Novak Djokovic in a happy era at the Australian Open last year.

Novak Djokovic in a happy era at the Australian Open last Amendra

He submitted that the effects of deportation were profound for Djokovic.

“Cancellation has medical contraindications to vaccines, complies with the law, poses a negligible risk to others, is expelled from Australia and is subject to Australian regulations. Acts and regulations that prevent him from returning to Australia for the next three years, provided that the exemption may be exercised. ”⁣


Stephen Lloyd SC, a federal immigration lawyer, agreed that the case decided by Judge Kelly earlier this week had nothing to do with the issues currently being contested in court.

The minister’s complete reason for opposition to Djokovic remains firmly held. As they become widely known, the reaction between his supporters here and both in Serbia can become enthusiastic.

Immediately after Djokovic was first detained, his father, Suldan, declared: As a terrorist in Guantanamo Bay.

“They deprive him of the right to play, personality and freedom of opinion.”

The rambling readings of his angry father now seem to be faintly foresighted. Djokovic, who has not committed a crime in Australia, is faced with the possibility of deportation or unintentional inspiration to others he has never met. The proceedings against Djokovic changed from scrutinizing his travel documents to proclaiming a persona non grata to him as long as the pandemic intensified.

Who could have imagined that the best tennis player in the world would come here?

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Australian Government, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke Declares Tennis Stars Risks to Civil Order, Public Health

Source link Australian Government, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke Declares Tennis Stars Risks to Civil Order, Public Health

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