Australian athletes had to be vaccinated as a rigorous playbook released for Beijing

Unvaccinated athletes must complete 21 days of rigorous quarantine prior to the February Beijing Winter Olympics announced by local organizers. COVID playbook It’s tougher than the recent Tokyo Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), and the Beijing Organizing Committee released the first edition of the Athlete Playbook overnight on Tuesday. Jab.

Australia’s Jaclyn Narracott will be competing in a women’s skeleton test event at the Yanqing National Sliding Center in Beijing earlier this

However, it is not a problem for Australian athletes. The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has confirmed that everyone attending the Games will be required to have a vaccine. This is a significant departure from Tokyo’s guidelines, which strongly recommend vaccination of athletes but do not mandate them.

Although Tokyo was designed on the assumption that no one was vaccinated, China’s zero-tolerance approach to COVID-19 was 14 days before athletes arrived in Beijing to enter the “closed loop” system. This means that you need to be fully vaccinated. Tokyo bubble including athletes to the village, competition areas, training facilities and official transportation.

Once inside the loop, athletes are subject to daily COVID testing and health monitoring via the app and are only allowed to travel between approved destinations. Unlike Tokyo, which completely banned spectators, the stands have local fans, which means they have no contact with the general public.

Athletes can be given medical tax exemptions if the vaccine proves to endanger their health, but China has decided to reveal who wants tax exemptions for ethical or moral reasons, or the status of the vaccine. Do not involve those who refuse.

These athletes test negative before arrival and must enter a 21-day rigorous quarantine at a facility outside the closed loop. This meant sitting in a hotel room for three weeks while teammates and rivals were training and preparing to compete in the competition.

“Vaccines have been shown to reduce COVID-19 infections and infections and are an important tool for safe execution of activities,” said the playbook. “In order to be allowed in a closed-loop system without quarantine, it is mandatory to receive a full vaccination at least 14 days before departure to China.”

The Chinese organizers and IOC have learned a lot from their experience in Tokyo. In my experience in Tokyo, almost 90% of athletes were vaccinated. Despite regular positive cases detected throughout the event, the predicted outbreaks in the village were not realized.

Australian athletes had to be vaccinated as a rigorous playbook released for Beijing

Source link Australian athletes had to be vaccinated as a rigorous playbook released for Beijing

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