Australia vs England, Pat Cummins nominated captain, Tim Paine, video, highlights

Pat Cummins will be appointed Australia’s 47th Men’s Test Captain on Friday, but Steve Smith is inline to return to his leadership team for the first time since the infamous Sandpaper scandal.

It is understood that 28-year-old Cummins was identified as the successor to Tim Paine as the man who will face Australia against England in Gabber on December 8.

The decision comes a week after Pain resigned sensationally following a text message scandal that had been in the background for years but didn’t come out publicly. Friday Pain withdraws from all forms of cricket and new players wear gloves.

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Pat Cummins will be identified as the Australian Cricket Captain.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

As reported, the board met at a meeting on Thursday night and made a decision.

The Daily Telegraph Two candidates, Cummins and Smith, subsequently reported being informed of the board’s decision.

Only Cummins and Smith have been interviewed for positions after the most dramatic week of Australian cricket since Smith was stripped of his captain in a ball tampering scandal in 2018.

Cummins will be the first Australian high-speed bowler to captain his side with test cricket since Ray Lindwall in 1957.

Lindwall, a member of Don Bradman’s invincible team in 1948, took responsibility for a single test.

Cummins took over as captain of the New South Wales one-day team last season, but needs to lead the team in a Sheffield Shield match.

Australian experts are divided on whether Cummins should take over as captain because of the heavy workload of the world’s fastest high-speed bowlers.

Talk to This week, Australian pace legend Lee said Cummins has all the right attributes to be a great test leader, but the obstacles of being a fast bowler cannot be ignored.

“I’m going to Stephen Smith. I think Stephen Smith has once again gained the right to lead Australia,” Lee said.

“Can Pat Cummins do it? He was able to do it 100%. He has a great cricket brain, has a real, really good image, cricket I think he will do a good job because he understands the basics of.

“But I don’t want to put pressure on Pat Cummins. To be honest, it’s too difficult for a fast bowler.”

Lee pointed out that the main reason the captain isn’t suitable for quick is that the bowler needs to be mentally hydrated and reset during the over.

But Kerry O’Keeffe, a former Australian spinner and fox cricket expert, disagrees.

O’Keeffe said there was a precedent for a powerful high-speed bowling leader in modern times, and Cummins recently provided evidence that he is suitable for juggling captains in bowling.

“People say,’He’s a fast bowler,’ but in retrospect, one of the most unsuccessful test captains not mentioned is Shaun Pollock of South Africa,” O’Keefe said. .. “His win / loss rate is incredible, but he had a new ball in South Africa, but he was coordinating the win.

“And I see Pat Cummins doing the same for Australia.”

“I think he’s the leader, so I choose Pat Cummins. I think he can get the most out of his team.”

Given that Cummins is a three-format player, the decision to make Smith the deputy captain will be on the path to a prolific Lanscoreer who will return to captain at some point.

The 32-year-old was banished from leadership for two years following his role in the sandpaper scandal. It is said that he closed his eyes on what David Warner and Cameron Bancroft had planned for the opening round.

Australia vs England, Pat Cummins nominated captain, Tim Paine, video, highlights

Source link Australia vs England, Pat Cummins nominated captain, Tim Paine, video, highlights

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