Australia vs England 5th test, Pat Cummins vs Joe Root, David Warner vs Stuart Broad, Scott Borland, video, highlights

Men came and went when the sun went down, the lights came on, and the 17 ticket gates fell one night with cricket. You might have thought it was One Day International or Big Bash.

But no, I couldn’t look away on the action-packed second day of the fifth test at Hobart.

After an exciting low-order blow from Nathan Lion, the English horror show continued with a bat.

Tourists couldn’t get more than 200 points at a time as Pat Cummins took the lead 4-45 and stole an important ticket gate for his opponent Joe Route.

The Australian captain received great support at Scott Borland. Scott Borland took only one wicket, but could have had three if he gave the homeside a chance.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Stark cleaned up the tail and took 3-53 from 10 overs.

England finished the day’s cricket with something, When Stuart Broad dismissed his “enemy” David Warner, as Shane Warne said, he took the first of three midnight ticket gates for tourists.

Here is the point of our story from the dramatic second day of test cricket at Hobart.

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Burns runs out of luck | 01:13

Contest that decided the ashes

It was built as a contest to determine the ashes: Pat Cummins vs Joe Root.

The duo not only appeared in the series as the world’s best haste against the world’s best batter, but also as the captain of each.

After Tim Payne sensationally fell to his sword, England was thought to have the potential to gain a leadership bet.

The captain who has served the undeveloped Cummins for the longest time in England on the route. Bowler, especially the first bowler in Australia for more than half a century.

The theory was that the added responsibility would prove too great.

With the remaining one inning of the five test series, Cummins has led with a sense of authority, belief, skill, humor and integrity.

Pat Cummins (R) of Australia celebrates the dismissal of Captain Joe Root (L) of England in Hobart on January 15, 2022. Photo: AFPSource: AFP

Perhaps above all, he looks relaxed and enjoys taking the game a step further.

There will come a time when things go wrong, when he doesn’t come to take 6-7 out of nowhere, or when the player doesn’t fill the 5th position and beat the opposition, but for the time being. All Cummins did gracefully.

In comparison, the gentle smiles of the route from the summer in England came to match their winter melancholy.

Defeat does it.

But the lack of a run is no different.

Route arrived down on his third tour with the aim of recording the first century in Australia.

England captain Joe Root leaves after being taken away by Pat Cummins again. Photo: AFPSource: AFP

He has one inning to change that, after Cummins made the final laugh again by trapping the route before for 34.

Cummins is the main ticket gate with 18 scalps at 18.72.

The route is third on the Lanscolar list, but with an average of 34.55, it tells another story in itself.

The British captain has been in the third and a half centuries, but has been overworked as the Australian side has urged prolific scorers to play shots he doesn’t need.

He was caught behind all eight times throughout the series until he was caught by Cummins.

At Hobert, Cummins played the British captain in the air and locked him in front of him. It was a sublime bowling. Root didn’t even waste reviews and didn’t want to give the other side another chance to celebrate.

“I thought it was when Pat Cummins came back (this was an important moment), just as Joe Root began to take some form,” Shane Warne said in Fox Cricket’s commentary. rice field.

“I thought Scott Borland and Pat Cummins were absolutely amazing. It’s great to see them relentlessly tackling their pressures.”

They made a mistake

England was unable to catch a cold in three tests.

Given the horrifying defenses of England, it wasn’t really a problem, as experts, fans, and the players themselves wrote a column inch about the choices.

From Australia’s first inning in Gabber, England dropped the catch and fluffed their line.

In stark contrast, Australia seized the opportunity and rubbed salt on British wounds.

Curiously, that momentum changed, exposing Australia’s narrow slip cordon.

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Usman Khawaja dropped the edge from Chris Woakes on the second day of the fifth test. Photo: AFPSource: Getty Images

A good example of this is in the midst of another great bowling from Scott Borland, where the Victorian era found Chris Woakes’ first ball in England 6-124.

Woakes, a useful low-ranking batter, has scored an important 36.

Adam Gilchrist was awake the moment the ball caught the outer edge of the bat.

“There’s a chance here,” Gilchrist said in Fox Cricket’s commentary. “No, this time Kawaja. He crosses Smith second. Mark War, you’ve talked a lot about this about the placement of these slips.”

War, Australia’s greatest fielder and one of the safest pairs on the second slip, believes that he confuses when to aim the ball with when not to steal the ball, making their lives difficult. I was surprised at how tight it was.

“Well, that’s the two they gave,” said War, who saw David Warner drop the sitter on his first slip. “Scott Borland is on the receiving side in both cases.

“I’m not happy with the spacing. They go in front of each other because they’re too tight to each other. If Khawaja is wider, it’s directly connected to Steve Smith. They made a mistake.

“He should still have caught it, but they are in the way of each other.”

Australia’s Slip Cordon has been spotlighted in many of the series, especially after Alex Carrie’s problem behind the stump.

Australian Double Edge Shocker! | 01:05

In Adelaide, Carrie left the ball between herself and her first slip, but since then he has lost many chances.

War believes that spacing can provide an additional 2 meters.

“The three slips out there cover the two slips,” he said.

“That’s how tight they are. I don’t know why because the carry is good on this pitch. If it’s slow and standing firmly, yes, your pace should be pretty much the same. No, but the ball is carrying very well at a decent pace. “

He said it only confused the guys behind the stump.

“I don’t know if it’s my catch, but if it’s spaced, it’s my catch, and if it’s placed at the right intervals, Khawaja won’t reach it. It was. “

Their problem continues to spotlight Carrie, who is often tasked with setting cordon as a wicket keeper.

Carrie has been in his first series as a test player since replacing former captain Pain.

Scott Boland of Australia gestures to the crowd on the second day of his fifth test in Hobart.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

“A man who can’t live without you”

Scott Borland dropped two catches from bowling on Saturday, and countless probing broadcasts defeated the unfortunate British batter’s outskirts and didn’t earn his legitimate reward.

Nonetheless, this spell is the latest entry into Borland’s collection of fast-growing and excellent test performances, which will cause selectors to headache for the next few months.

Australia’s next test task is a three-game tour of Pakistan in March, followed by a tour of Sri Lanka and India later this year.

With everything going well, in Australia Josh Hazlewood is approaching full fitness and has a complete complement of quick choices.

However, in just two and a half years of test matches, Borland was virtually unable to drop from anywhere on the Australian test team after being brought in as a supposed MCG specialist.

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England fires in first session | 00:59

This was an unexpected problem for the selector. The man who was intended to be a test weapon in Melbourne is a weapon everywhere.

Brett Lee, Australia’s fast bowling legend, says that the whimsical consistency for Borland to hit a good line and length like Hazzlewood requires him to have a flight ticket to the subcontinent. I believe it means that.

“In less than a month he was a Sheffield Shield cricket player, but in honor he is now a man who can’t live without you,” Lee said.

“Hazlewood will soon be back in the mix. He’s also world class, but put this guy (Boland) in your sleeve. Far away.

“I think if he hits a similar length, obviously there wouldn’t be much bounce or lateral movement (in Pakistan), but I think he’s okay with an old ball-reverse swing.

“He dominated red in every series until this pink test. I think he will be bowling that line and length (in Pakistan).

Shane Warne agrees with Lee and even believes that England’s 2023 ashes do not deviate from the 32-year-old equation.

“I think he has an action and bowling way. He has a great wrist. He bowls a great length. I think he can bowl anywhere,” Warn said.

“I’m just thinking about Duke’s ball in England. How well he hit the ball there too.”

He added: “I think he could have a bowl in a place like the Indian subcontinent. I think Pakistan will come on those hard and sharpened pitches, you hit it with a hard length and it I need people who can’t slip.

“He’s definitely on a plane for me. Hazlewood is back and the fourth seamers are Hazlewood, Cummins, Starc, Green, but if something happens or you need a little break , Boland will be my first bowler. “

Warn added that Borland could be a player in the series that won 15 wickets at 10.26. The cricket legend also believes that with the advent of Borland, along with Jhye Richardson and Usman Khawaja, Australia is back to become the best in the world.

“If Australia wants to be the best side in the world again, we need guys like Borland and Jae Richardson, and an average of 40 batters who aren’t on the side. That’s the good side,” Warn said.

“They have a lot of depth and is it difficult to choose XI instead of saying” who will play “?

“Australia is back in that position. Now I have to tell Justin Langer that he did a good job.”

Warner’s Nemesis strike again

The decision not to play Stuart Broad in the opening test at the green top Gabber may have been a very good moment for England.

England’s batter didn’t seem to be strong enough to put real pressure on Australia, but it would fall as one of the “great” and “what if” ash.

But if England becomes competitive domestically in a few years, especially if David Warner is open to Australia, Broad may want to go to Well again. ..

14th time in test cricket Broad removed Warner.

Broad cleaned up the bunny as he did in Sydney.

The dashing left-handed man was astoundingly captured by Olly Pope at a rear point.

It was a spectacular catch, but it continued Broad’s amazing run with Warner from around the wicket for the ducks.

England bowler Stuart Broad (R) celebrates the dismissal of David Warner (L) for the ducks on the second day of the fifth ashes in Hobart on January 15, 2022. Photo: AFPSource: AFP

The first dismissal saw Warner finish the series in pairs.

“Broad gets Warner again, and David Warner leaves with that pair I was talking about,” said former England captain Michael Vaughn.

Warner averages only 27 when faced with Broad, but when the veteran Quick comes around the wicket, the record drops to 19.

It was Broad’s 129th ash ticket gate.

Warner may have thought very well that he had seen the end of his nemesis.

“Dave Werner is happy because he never plays against Stuart Broad in test cricket,” Brendon Julian said in Fox Cricket’s commentary.

“Can you say it’s fair?”

Former high-speed bowler Brett Lee opposes believing that “he’s still there” to continue the fight in England in 2023.

Australia vs England 5th test, Pat Cummins vs Joe Root, David Warner vs Stuart Broad, Scott Borland, video, highlights

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