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Australia News Live: Health Minister says a new wave of Covid is coming on Sydney’s rail network.Australian news

NSW Railroad Union promotes more industrial activities

AAP reports that Sydney commuters are having a “very troublesome day” as the New South Wales rail union is driving industrial activities that rob 70% of trains.

A coalition of railroads, trams and buses has been involved in a long-term attack with the Perotet administration over a new South Korean-made intercity bus, which it says is unsafe.

The government has signaled that it is ready to spend $ 264 million to remodel the fleet, but the union signs an agreement confirming that it will fix the safety issues raised by train drivers. He said he refused. The union said in a statement on Friday:

This is the fourth time the government has proposed a change, announced the change, and then turned back as a result of internal affairs.

Railroad, Tram, Bus Union New South Wales Secretary Alex Classens During a meeting with the government on Thursday, he said elements of the amendment proposal had been removed from the table.

I don’t know where to go from here, but the members are resolute. We will continue to fight to make these trains safe and do whatever it takes to make them happen.

Protected industrial actions planned for Friday are underway and train drivers will refuse to operate foreign or private trains.

This means that only 30% of Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink services will operate.

Claassens said:

It will be a very difficult day. Another train will leave and it will be the timetable for the weekend.

David Elliott, Minister of Transport On Thursday, the government said it offered railroad workers a $ 3,000 bonus.

Now, a family of railroad workers could have deposited $ 3,000 in their account instead of spending that money on a perfectly good train remodeling.

However, Claassens described the payments made to railroad workers as “bribery” to get the fleet into orbit without change.

Sydney commuters are advised to anticipate significant train delays and cancellations on Friday. The flow of effects can affect people traveling by Sydney Airport or by bus.

Acting Prime Minister on the basis of living expenses: Wages drive a “step in the right direction”

While we are listening to the Minister of Health Acting Prime Minister Richard Mars I attended ABC News Breakfast and talked about living expenses. He honestly doesn’t offer much that we haven’t heard about this issue in the last few months. It’s a difficult time, wages are stagnant and it will take time to fix. Here is a sample:

As you have clearly stated, there are many challenges facing the country. This is a difficult problem to solve. The starting point for the government was to focus on wages, as wages have been flat under the Liberal Party for the past nine years. Productivity was flat under the Liberal government, but the fact that the minimum wage has been raised today is the result of the government’s insistence on the Fair Labor Relations Commission and exactly that wage increase, which is for our minimum wage. This is a very important step. For those who need the money most and those who have worked hard to get over the pandemic, it will be the majority of $ 2,000 a year.

It doesn’t solve everything and we’re not pretending to solve it, but it’s a step in the right direction, and what you know at the Labor government is fighting for higher wages. That is, we are going to do what we can to deal with the living cost challenge.

Mark Butler does not say whether he supports Medicare-funded abortion

Mark Butler You will be asked if he supports a Medicare-funded abortion. He doesn’t answer the question directly. Instead of yes (or actually no), he states:

Now, I think it’s correct to point out that there are very different arrangements and these services are primarily offered free of charge. There are also differences not only between states, but also among local communities where access to medical services is always more difficult than in large cities.

As you know, the Women’s Health Strategy implemented in 2020 identifies equitable access to reproductive health, including termination services, game measurements, and I Ged Kearney How to actually practice those words.

Telemedicine changes

He is currently being asked about the government’s abolition of Medicare rebates for more than 20 minutes of telemedicine counseling. The Australian Medical Association states that this is detrimental to vulnerable Australians.

Mark Butler:

What we are saying is the previous administration’s decision that telephone consultations are very long, so consultations with doctors will end on June 30th, taking more than 20 minutes. It was originally intended to end last year, but was granted a six-month extension by the previous government.It’s important to say that now If you have a longer consultation remotely with your GP, you can still do it through the video.. If you can actually see your doctor, there are very clear cases for a better clinical outcome.

The third wave of Covid is coming, minister warns

Mark Butler He says he needs to prepare himself for the number of cases to increase again and encourages people to get a vaccine booster if they haven’t yet (the booster rate is still much lower, 2). Much lower than a single dose):

If you receive two doses, and even if you have a case of Covid BA.1, you may be re-infected over the next few months. All health officials expect a third wave of more than a few months. I don’t think the impact on our hospital system, whether severe or not, is still well understood. We are still trying to understand this subvariant … but we need to prepare for another wave of increasing cases.

“We are still working on a very serious stage of the pandemic.”

Mark Butler You will be asked why you did not request an investigation into the deployment of the vaccine. He says:

looking forward to it. From the rest of the year to 2023, I would like to make sure that we are ready to overcome the satellite map. At least considering what happens with mutations in this virus, and what happens in the vaccine and therapeutic market. Of course, as I’ve said many times, it’s time to look back and look. Very roughly speaking, our pandemic response at the time is not now. We are still working on a very serious stage of the pandemic.

Vaccines need to be “fit for purpose,” the minister says

Minister of Health Mark Butler Talking about ABCRN about the future of vaccine availability in Australia. He says he wants to make sure that the Australian arrangement is “fit for purpose”.

I promise to stay on the front lines for the next 12-18 months to give priority to the latest versions of vaccines and treatments for Australians …

I asked Jane Halton Implement to ensure that the old Government structure arrangements to ensure that vaccines and treatments will be introduced in Australia in the coming months continue to meet their goals. As I said, the virus is mutated and new vaccines are on the market.

good morning

It’s Friday, haza! But that doesn’t mean the news has stopped.

prime minister Anthony Albaniji He is in France to meet the President of France, Emmanuel MacronAfter the Morrison administration inadvertently dumped a $ 90 billion submarine deal with France last year, it attempted to repair the rift between the two countries later today. As it evolves, we will bring you more about it.

Go home, Chris BowenThe Minister of Climate Change today, Professor Ian ChubA six-month review of the carbon credit system after a neuroscientist and former vice-president of the Australian National University, a whistleblower, described it as “mostly fake” and a waste of taxpayers’ money. Led.

Payment for pandemic leave ends today. This means that anyone who needs to take a break from work due to being infected with Covid-19, being tested, caring for a loved one, or being isolated will not be eligible for $ 750. The bill was introduced in September last year by the previous federal government, which announced that it would end at the end of this fiscal year. This is a decision that the Labor government has decided to support.

Federal Health Minister Mark Butler He will meet with his state and territory counterparts later today after the government has ordered a review of the treatment of the previous government’s vaccine contracts. They are also expected to talk about how more people, especially vulnerable groups, have access to antiviral drugs.

Stay tuned for more stacks today.As always, if you see something that you think needs my attention, you can email me Or find me on Twitter: @gingerandhoney.

Let’s get this done.

Australia News Live: Health Minister says a new wave of Covid is coming on Sydney’s rail network.Australian news

Source link Australia News Live: Health Minister says a new wave of Covid is coming on Sydney’s rail network.Australian news

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