Australia FinTech Corporate Profile # 153-Advice Revolution

1. Company name: Advice revolution

3. Key staff and job titles:

Shawn Green – CEO

Adrian Patty-CTO

Helen Thom – Sales Manager

Robert Ong – Lead Engineer

4. Location: Sydney

5. In a nutshell, what does your FinTech do? :

Advice revolution Reduce the time and cost of providing financial services by improving data management and integration capabilities.

6. How / Why did you start a fintech company? :

We were building wealth management practices when costs were rising. In doing this, we identified inefficiencies in retrieving client information and lack of data set standardization across the industry. We decided to resolve this issue at the source and shifted our focus to the technology business, which helps advisors get information from our clients.

7. What is the best thing your company has achieved or learned in the process (this includes awards, funding, etc.).

Simple design and flexibility are very important for clients of financial services professionals. The integrated feature is the engine room that drives the niche app. Lack of integrated quality in many parts of the financial services ecosystem, investing in this feature is a key differentiator in the market.

8. What advice do you give to an aspiring startup? :

Make sure you have a co-founder who balances your style. This dramatically increases your chances of success and helps you overcome many barriers.

Remember to be very careful in solving the problem. Otherwise, it will be difficult to hold up when things get difficult. You need an irrational driver to keep you on the road, even if the chances of success are unclear.

Always assume that establishing a business and generating revenue will be much more difficult and longer than you would expect.

9. What’s next for your company? And do you want to go abroad or stay focused in Australia? :

Australia has a roadmap for issues that need to be resolved and improved, providing a clear path to the US financial advice technology market. The problems we are solving in Australia are everywhere. Nailing solutions for Australian clients is our main focus, but everything is designed for future US entry.

10. What other fintechs and companies do you respect? :

Atlassian and Zapier. Atlassian is a growing success in Australia that has grown without funding over the years and has shown how well product lead growth works. Zapier is also an example of lean product lead growth, sourcing the fewest of the largest private companies in existence. Zapier is of particular interest to us as it focuses on solving integration issues between saas products on a large scale. This allows apps to enter more niche markets by eliminating the cost of integrating into the existing SaaS ecosystem. Zapier has also enabled SMEs to efficiently access and coordinate integrations without the need for a development team.

11. What are the most interesting or most entertaining moments that have happened in your company’s life? :

Our pivot from the services business to the software business has no experience in providing technology. In retrospect, it was very difficult to achieve, but it was a very rewarding and pretty ridiculous decision.

Australia FinTech Corporate Profile # 153-Advice Revolution

Source link Australia FinTech Corporate Profile # 153-Advice Revolution

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