Australia chooses Travis Head and Marcus Harris over Usman Khawaja

Australia is betting that Travis Head and Marcus Harris will have a groundbreaking Ashes series after choosing both prior to the proven qualifications presented by the more mature Usman Khawaja.

Selection Chairman George Bailey, along with the captain of Pat Cummins’ new national team, should take a somewhat “surprising” approach to the first test match team and his tenure XI, He also chose the possibility of surpassing proven performance.

Travishead has averaged 30 times in the last 11 test matches, but was preferred over Usman

Neither Head nor Harris have ever seen him as reassuringly at a test match company as Kawaja, who emphasized his abilities in Sheffield Shield’s innings-a lonely 70 at the lush green Gaba pitch against Jeri Richardson.

However, the two young left-handed heads (27) and Harris (29) are all three moving balls.

Head has been touted as a future test pick as a teenager, and few have spent more time on Australian cricketers in recent years than he rushed into the South Australian captain at the age of 21.

Head is at an experienced age and level, and many have come to portray him in order to evolve into one of Australia’s top test batters. He really needs to do that this summer.

Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting, head coach Justin Langer, Damien Martyn, and more recently Steve Smith, have struggled to return to their national ranks with early insights into test cricket. After that, everything learned their limits and reappeared as an enhanced player who eventually became a permanent top-order player.

In the case of Head, he was praised by Langer as a “quick learner” during his first stint on the team. It peaked in 161 innings against Sri Lanka in Canberra in early 2019, with a test average of 51.

But in the last 11 tests, he added only a century more as bowlers from England, Pakistan, New Zealand and India successfully locked him in some impulsive shot selections and ugly dismissals. , On average it was about 30. Tourists on Joe Route dream of doing the same, as Head’s domestic innings remain polluted by bad decisions.

Australia chooses Travis Head and Marcus Harris over Usman Khawaja

Source link Australia chooses Travis Head and Marcus Harris over Usman Khawaja

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