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Australia buys supply for additional COVID-19 treatment

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“These doses will take place in Australia during October and require TGA approval,” he told Canberra reporters on Sunday.

The government has also secured 500,000 courses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 oral antiviral drug. It will be available in 2022 subject to the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA).

“This treatment, which is still in clinical trials, is expected to help reduce the severity or incidence of COVID-19-infected or exposed adults,” he said.

“They do not replace vaccination.”

With that score, Australia is currently vaccinated 32.5 million times.

“This is an incredible number of Australians coming positively to get vaccinated,” Hunt said.

“During next week, a very important milestone nationwide could be achieved.”

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In Australia, the first dose for people 16 years and older can exceed 85% and the second dose can exceed 70%.

“This is a very important part of the roadmap achieved nationwide,” he said.

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly once again urged people to be vaccinated.

“We can no longer rely on borders,” he told reporters on Sunday.

“The virus is here in Australia. We need to learn to live with it and we are learning to live with it. That means we need to be protected. increase.”

Meanwhile, Victoria recorded a new local COVID-19 case and 7 deaths in 1838.

In New South Wales, there were 301 new infections and 10 more were killed by the virus.

Australia buys supply for additional COVID-19 treatment

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