Australia awaits UNESCO coral reef vote

The federal government is waiting for the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s decision to classify the Great Barrier Reef as an endangered natural heritage site.

In fact, and the committees meeting in both Fuzhou, China, are expected to vote on the draft decision at AEST on Friday night.

Australian politicians publicly campaign against coral reefs being classified as “at risk” for fear of damaging the image of economically important natural wonders, the decision being made in China He suggested that tensions with the government could affect him.

China’s Deputy Minister of Education, Tian Xuejun, denied speculation that the move was politically related to the 44th session of the board and president.

“As a member of the World Heritage Committee, Australia should take the views of its advisory bodies and seriously fulfill its obligations to protect World Heritage, rather than making unfounded criticisms of other states.” He said on Sunday.

Tian said the Great Barrier Reef proposal is based on Australian data and recommendations from advisory bodies.

The draft decision states that Australia’s long-term plan for coral reefs “needs stronger and clearer efforts, especially to urgently counter the effects of climate change.”

Australia may be able to postpone voting for a session in the second half of 2023 after its delegation has submitted a proposed amendment to the text suggesting this. This is an idea endorsed by a majority of the Commission member states.

The Great Barrier Reef has been a World Heritage Site since 1981.

After the Italian government announced a ban on large cruise ships passing through parts of the Venice Lagoon, UNESCO decided not to list the tourist cities of Venice as endangered on Thursday.

Currently, 53 World Heritage Sites are classified as Endangered.

Australia awaits UNESCO coral reef vote

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