AUS GRAND PRIX BOSS STATES GP will be on in 2022

Dan McCarthy

Andrew Westacot, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix Cooperation (AGPC), reiterated that Australia’s F1 race will proceed as planned in 2022.

Despite some international reports stating that the event may not go ahead, both the Victoria State Government and AGPC have confirmed that the event goes, goes, goes.

“The F1 Australian Grand Prix will make its long-awaited return to Albert Park in 2022,” Westacot confirmed.

“Melbourne will be on the 2022 F1 provisional calendar, but only a few days after its release.”

International reporter Joe Saward even said that if the event didn’t progress in 2022, it would be removed from the calendar. This is a simple case of 3 times and you go out.

However, the Victoria State Government continues to do everything in its power to ensure that the event goes on.

There was concern that nationwide vaccine levels and strict border regulations would make it impossible to hold the event, but overseas travel is scheduled to resume in November this year, and these two points are obsolete. ..

“We are working on the Australian Grand Prix and we are looking forward to a successful race at Albert Park in 2022 as vaccination rates are rising daily,” a government spokesman said in a statement.

Australia has a contract to hold the race until 2025, and the Victorian government has promised to continue hosting historic races in the capital.

As previously reported by AUTO ACTION, the Australian Grand Prix could be the third round of the 2022 season, Lose the traditional first round slot.

The last two Australian Grand Prix events have been cancelled. The first event took place on Friday 2020 and the team was preparing for the course.

Two McLaren mechanics were discontinued after a positive COVID-19 test.

The Australian Grand Prix was scheduled to return to the F1 calendar in 2021, but due to low national vaccination rates, the first race postponed to November had to be shelved again.

The Australian Open Grand Slam is scheduled to take place three months before the 2022 Grand Slam in Melbourne, and Victorian health officials are already well-versed in the technology to host an international sporting event in 2022. It means that it is being rehearsed.

Quarantine for international arrivals is expected to be eased in the coming weeks, so there is little need for the F1 team to quarantine and the Australian Grand Prix may be proposed.

AA understands that the F1 draft calendar will be announced later tonight.

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AUS GRAND PRIX BOSS STATES GP will be on in 2022

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