At least 13 people injured in shooting in Texas

Thirteen people were injured in a shooting in a busy entertainment district in downtown Austin, Texas, and police said the suspected shooter was not detained.

According to Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon, two of the injured were in serious condition, but no one died.

Before 1:30 am on Saturday, a shootout broke out along 6th Avenue, a popular area with bars and restaurants. According to Chacon, the streets were covered with barricades to prevent vehicles from passing during the shooting.

It was unclear what triggered the shooting.

Eleven of the injured were taken to one local hospital, another to another, and another to another, Chacon said.

“Our executives responded very quickly,” Chacon said.

“They were able to immediately begin many life-saving measures for these patients, including the application of tourniquets, the application of chest seals.”

Chacon also said some police had transferred the patient to a police car hospital because of the nature of the scene, making it difficult to contain the crowd and deliver the ambulance to the injured.

The archer was not immediately arrested. Mr Chacon said the police’s explanation of the suspect was “less detailed,” but said the person was believed to be a man.

Investigators were considering surveillance videos and other evidence from the area, Chacon said.

At least 13 people injured in shooting in Texas

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