Ashleigh Barty ready to accept a new attack on the Australian Open crown

Anyway, top-seeded Bertie and her credible team maintain an equal approach to all outcomes. This is the philosophy that allowed her to prosper while at the top.

Ash Bertie is laughing while Images

“There are certainly regimens and routines we follow, but by saying that we also enjoy it, it’s one of the most important things we’ve done in the last few years. Serious about life. I take it too much, “said Queen’s Lander. “Enjoy what it really is at that moment and what it is.”

Bertie’s hype will come, but so far it’s significantly different in 2022 compared to the previous two campaigns where Bertie won first place in the first major of the year.

She smiles and accepts every moment and every challenge: Bertie filmed the Uber Eats campaign aired during the Australian Open.

“Putting yourself in a situation where you’re watching Pat Rafter’s hair burning was something I didn’t want to do, but it was certainly a fun experience,” she laughs. Told.

Ashleigh Barty seen in commercials.

Ashleigh Barty seen in commercials.

The memorable 2021 included five titles and a spectacular victory at Wimbledon, as well as Bertie getting engaged to his longtime boyfriend Galixic after breaking out of the French Open due to an injury. did.

And Bertie, who spent a lot of time on the road – a natural family body – recalled that he was finally able to celebrate the Wimbledon hero directly with his family.

“It was a little strange. [when it happened] It felt like a very long time after the fact, “Berty said.

“It took a while to make it happen. [the significance of it].. I hadn’t seen my family for seven and a half months, and if that made sense, it was more exciting than seeing them after Wimbledon.

“Just then, being able to catch up with them first, as my mother and father, and as my brother, was more important than catching up to celebrate the results.”


Eventually, attention will switch from Novak Djokovic’s story to Bertie. The other world No. 1 has her own purpose in January this year.

Some players on saturday Lamented the damage Saga did to the sport, Bertie didn’t want to chew.

“I talked a little last week,” she said. “What Novak is experiencing-obviously in court at this point and we can’t really comment on it, but I’m not really interested in talking about it.”

Earlier, before the world media, Bertie was under pressure to be the first Australian winner in Melbourne since Christine O’Neill in 1978.


Her message was very clear. That’s all I can do. If it doesn’t happen, it won’t happen.

“I hope everyone understands that I’m doing my best. It doesn’t always work exactly as you want. But you do it the right way and Do the right thing and try to give yourself the best chance. That’s all you can do.

“That’s true for all other Australians. They’re doing it over and over again, doing the right thing and giving them a chance.”

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Ashleigh Barty ready to accept a new attack on the Australian Open crown

Source link Ashleigh Barty ready to accept a new attack on the Australian Open crown

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