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Ash: Pat Cummins says Tim Payne is still respected after sexting the saga

Pat Cummins pays homage to test cricket captain Tim Paine.

The newly appointed test skipper Pat Cummins believes Tim Pain’s decision to abandon the captain is a credit to his leadership skills.

Payne resigned as captain last week following widespread sexting scandals and announced on Friday that he would not participate in Ash.

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Cummins, who has been deputy captain since 2019, said he spoke with Payne the morning he was crowned his successor.

“When I talked to Pain this morning, he really wanted to make it clear that part of his decision to take a break was that (the sexting scandal) didn’t want to be distracted.” Cummins told reporters on Friday.

“It’s probably another scale of his leadership and how much he appreciates the team.”

Cummins said his time, as Payne’s deputy put him in a good position to grab the bridle.

“He was a great person to me, especially because he was a deputy captain,” Cummins said.

“I feel really well equipped. I have had good years of training.

“I think (the transition) will be pretty seamless. There’s nothing wrong with boys.”

Steve Smith, who returned to his leadership role as Cummins and deputy captain, said Payne hadn’t lost the praise of his peers at all.

“We really feel Tim and his family. He is a really loved and respected leader of our team,” Cummins said.

“We love him. I hope he will be back on the team soon. I wish him all the best.

“He is obviously experiencing a difficult time.”

Smith, who vacated the captain following the infamous ball tampering story in Cape Town, said he sympathized with Payne.

“I myself have experienced some difficult times, so I encourage him to take care of himself and really be kind to him,” he said.

“My thoughts are on him and his family.”

For Cummins, the fallout from Pain’s sexting scandal was a timely reminder of the high standards held by test cricket team leaders.

“It really went home in the last few days,” he said.

“Many of the pressures and responsibilities of perfection are unreasonable. I don’t think anyone should ask.

“I think you need to have permission to grow.”

Cummins was the first pace bowler to captain the testside since Ray Lindwall in 1956 and said he had challenges managing the workload, but he turned to Smith and his teammates for guidance. I planned.

“There are times when I’m in the middle, it’s a hot day, I’m in the middle of a spell, and I have to rely on people for advice, tactics, and experience,” Cummins says. I did.

“That’s one of the main reasons I wanted Steve to be the deputy captain.

“I think it may look different from the partnership mechanism we’ve had so far.

“It will be a really collaborative approach.”

Initially published as follows Ash: Pat Cummins says Tim Payne is still respected after sexting the saga

Ash: Pat Cummins says Tim Payne is still respected after sexting the saga

Source link Ash: Pat Cummins says Tim Payne is still respected after sexting the saga

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