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Army tanks and troops deployed to quell the worst street violence in years in Lebanon

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Bloody anxiety broke out after being fired in demonstrations by the Islamic Shiite Hezbollah and the Amal movement.

Protesters were tasked with investigating an under-stored ammonium nitrate explosion that killed more than 210 people and destroyed the capital’s belt at the port of Beirut on August 4, last year. I opposed the official.

The judge was recently in sight of Hezbollah and Amal after he summoned a top executive in his investigation.

Hundreds of supporters of the Shiite Amal movement and Hezbollah gather during a protest to demand the dismissal of judicial inquiry Tarek Bitar.

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AFP correspondents said Thursday’s violence began with sniper shooting from homes targeting supporters of Hezbollah and Amal who returned fire with AK-47 assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

President Michel Aoun called for calm in a speech aired late Thursday.

“Weapons cannot be returned as a means of communication between Lebanese political parties, as we all agreed to turn this dark page of our history,” he said, referring to the civil war.

He said political leaders were “going to a solution” from the crisis.

Arrested on both sides

The military said it had responded to the exchange of gun battles in the Tayune-Badaro region when the protesters headed for the Palace of Justice.

It “attacked many places looking for shooters and detained a total of nine people, including individuals from both sides.” One was of Syrian nationality, he said.

The military did not identify who started the shootout.

“The exchange began with the shooting of snipers, and the first victim was shot in the head,” said Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi.

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He said at least six people were killed in the shooting without specifying who fired.

A doctor at Sahel Hospital in Beirut told AFP that some of the killed were 24-year-olds whose heads were hit by stray bullets at home.

Amal said three of its members died while participating in a “peaceful protest.”

The Ministry of Health said 32 people were injured.

A fierce fire rang as an ambulance rushed through a deserted street a few blocks away from the Palace of Justice to rush the injured.

Iran-backed Hezbollah and Amal blamed the Lebanese Forces, a Christian party that was categorically opposed to them, and the other side in a joint statement accusing them of “shooting snipers for the purpose of killing them.”

The Lebanese army denied involvement.

‘That’s horrible’

Political analyst Karim Beatal has expressed concern about further issues in the future.

“If Hezbollah goes out on the streets and does everything in this fight … it could lead to major clashes and destabilization of the whole country,” he warned.

In the chaos, the limping bodies lying on the boulevard were carried away by rescuers as shootings fell around them.

After a deadly clash in Beirut, civilians and rescuers rush to send an injured man safely.

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Photos shared on social media showed school children hiding under school desks.

Maha Yahiya, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center, called the violence of the civil war “a terrifying memory of unhealed wounds.”

Tarek Bitar, a man at the center of tension, is considered by many Lebanese to be the last hope for justice, but has been accused by political leaders of prejudice and fall.

He caused a deep division within the government between those who wanted to keep him and those who wanted to fire him.

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Protesters burned portraits of US ambassador Dorothy Shea as well as Tarek Bitar on Thursday, accusing the judge of clashing with Washington on the day US senior diplomat Victoria Nuland visited Lebanon. bottom.

“The future of Lebanon’s democracy depends on the ability of citizens to be confident in the rule of law and tackle difficult problems,” Washington called for “unescalation.”

Meanwhile, UN Special Envoy Joanna Ronekka of Lebanon urged “on all sides to support the independence of the judiciary for the benefit of the people.”

Court of Cassation has dismissed a proceeding by two former ministers demanding a replacement of judges on Thursday, court officials told AFP on condition of anonymity.

However, the fate of the investigator is almost clear, as Hezbollah and Amal are pushing for a campaign aimed at eliminating him.

Army tanks and troops deployed to quell the worst street violence in years in Lebanon

Source link Army tanks and troops deployed to quell the worst street violence in years in Lebanon

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