ARC seeks relief in the decision.New delay concerns

Today’s Presentation The Australian Research Council is reassured to fund a fellowship for six talented early career scientists after a successful appeal against the currently reversing preprint rules.

Science & Technology Australia commends the tenacity of many scientists in pursuing this result. They spent a very stressful six months trying to prevent the derailment of their careers.

NS ARC Appeal Committee Decision After further consideration of how the preprint rules were applied, it is a good call to rule out 32 eligible applicants.

Of the remaining 26 researchers who were not awarded fellowships for competitive rankings, three would have missed their last chance to apply for fellowships.

We are pleased to confirm that ARC CEO Professor Thomas Thomas has confirmed that these three researchers are eligible to reapply for fellowship in the next round.

The six researchers will receive a total of $ 2.8 million in funding under ARC’s 2021 Discovery Early Career Researcher Award and the 2022 ARC Future Fellowships scheme.

Thanks to ARC for making these announcements today.

While these developments are welcome, the Australian science and technology community is deeply surprised by the significant individual delays in the latest ARC funding rounds.

“These fellowships are welcome evidence for these talented early career scientists, the future of the profession, whose careers were almost crazy,” said Misha Schubert, CEO of Science & Technology Australia.

“We are also reassured and grateful that researchers who missed a fellowship in this round were determined to be eligible to apply again.”

“This is a victory of tenacity and common sense.”

Throughout the year, STA has worked with the leadership of the American Society of Professional Sciences, our members, to seek solutions for these talented researchers.

“Our scientific society leadership has vigorously defended this issue for the past six months and has spoken on behalf of colleagues in early careers.”

“This is a powerful demonstration for all scientists of the value of actively contributing to your professional scientific community in your area of ​​expertise. They are lifelines.”

“Despite today’s good news, STA is deeply concerned about the significant delay in the expected announcement of the Discovery and ARC linkage projects.”

“We call for a quick announcement to drive Australia’s economic recovery and give certainty to scientists who are in desperate need of skills to solve Australia’s biggest challenges.”

STA represents 90,000 science and technology experts across research systems, the private sector, commercial hubs and deep tech start-ups.

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Martin Earrings, STA: 0432 606 828

ARC seeks relief in the decision.New delay concerns

Source link ARC seeks relief in the decision.New delay concerns

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