App replaces sleeping pills for insomnia

Patients with insomnia need to throw away their medications and sign up for an Australian-designed app to help improve their sleep patterns.

It is due to the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS), which recommends Sleepio as a safe and effective sleep therapy treatment, and is an alternative to addictive medicines such as zolpidem and zopiclone.

Not available to all Australians yet, but those who find it difficult to stay or fall asleep ask the GP about participating in clinical trials using a special digital treatment program available from Flinders University. Is urged to do so.

“Our previous studies have shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy (or” CBTi “) for insomnia is the most effective treatment for insomnia, and Sleepio is its self-administered version.” Dr Alexander Sweetman of Flinders of the Adelaide Institute for Sleep and Health said.

“Currently, Sleepio is only available through clinical trials in Australia, so it is important for physicians to be aware that it is an option and that patients will be referred to and assisted in the program.”

Currently, 45 GPs are participating in the Australian Sleepio trial and 200 patients are being referred.

“So far, patients have reported that their symptoms of insomnia have improved and their use of sleeping pills has decreased by about 40%,” said Dr. Sweetman.

The most commonly prescribed medications for insomnia in Australia are sedative hypnotics, or sleeping pills, which are addictive and can become ineffective over time, he says.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy seeks to target the underlying psychological, physiological, and behavioral causes of insomnia, rather than treating symptoms with prescription drugs.

According to healthdirect, a government-funded service, most Australians experience insomnia at some point in their lives.

One in ten always suffers from at least mild insomnia, a condition that is common in women and the elderly.

Insomnia includes difficulty sleeping, waking up at night, problems returning to sleep, and waking up prematurely.

Sometimes people experience all three.

App replaces sleeping pills for insomnia

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