Antonia Kidman’s daughter Lucia Holy is all grown up

Antonia Kidman and her look-alike daughter, Lucia Holy, return to Australia for their first interview and photo shoot to fall in love and discuss what they’re doing in 2021.

Antonia Kidman and his family returned from Singapore to Australia in late 2019, perhaps just a few months before the pandemic began in earnest and the border closed.

Kidman’s husband, businessman Craig Malang, two sons Nicholas (10), Alexander (8), and deceased ex-husbands Angus Holy (18) and Sibera (14). The family, including one child, has been in Singapore for the past 10 years.

Two older children, Holy (22) and Hamish (20), had been back in Australia for several years and welcomed the whole family with their arms outstretched.

Antonia, how was it when you and your family returned to Australia after spending 10 years in Singapore?

Antonia kidman: It was a vast and wonderful change. I love australia. As a family, we were ready to go home.What I noticed most [on our return] It’s the space, nature, and lifestyle that I love. I like gardening and so on. I didn’t do that because Singapore has a different lifestyle.

I also love Singapore, but it was great to be back here with my older kids and mother [Janelle Kidman] And Craig’s family. I was able to stay connected while I was away. I’m coming back a lot, so I still have a strong core of friends here.

You came back a few months before the COVID hit here. How was 2020?

AK: In the first half [Sydney’s] Northern Beach, so we were there during that whole [early 2020] Blockade. It’s strange to be limited, it challenged me in adapting, as you know-and obviously I did-and you identify for the benefit of the community I realized that I needed to act in this way.

On a daily basis, we had access to homes, gardens, and an open and spacious environment. There were no toddlers. We were all in good health. My husband was working, so we made money. I can’t imagine how I worked with young children in a small space, or under such pressure. It’s unimaginable. I’m very lucky.

Lucia, how was last year?

Lucia Holy: Since I left home, it was difficult in a sense. Thank god I don’t live alone. I live with two friends.

Did you stir alone and go crazy?

LH: Yes, 100%. I would have been very lonely. I am very grateful to have made friends. I also had a uni, so I wasn’t working at that time. But that also meant that I could concentrate quite a bit on my research, which was good.

AK: And you fell in love. [Both laugh]..

LH: It probably made it the easiest! I remember meeting my boyfriend and saying that 2020 wasn’t too difficult. I met in February last year, two weeks before COVID [really took hold in Australia].. I was pretty lucky. The timing was perfect. Two weeks later, the party I met him would have been cancelled.

AK: Ah, yeah … I see.

LH: It was very sweet to see my family again when things went back to normal, especially around October last year. And you really appreciated it. I remember spending my 22nd birthday at home with my friends and family and thinking it was very unrealistic as everyone came back together. I don’t think I’m really grateful at that level.

AK: I was planning Christmas [last year] At our place [on Sydney’s lower north shore] It was the whole family, but I had an intimate relationship [during the Northern Beaches outbreak last December]So I had to stay home for two weeks. [During that time] I would like to compete to see that 11am press conference. You really want people to take leadership in this situation.

Did you have a late gathering instead?

AK: I thought it, oh, don’t worry, we will [a Christmas get-together] Australia day.But still there [a Sydney household restriction of five] People, so we didn’t.

LH: But there was Craig’s mom’s birthday. We get together quite a lot.

AK: And my mother was 81st [this March]..And I thought I might be in 51st place [this July]..

LH: You should definitely!

So has it been a pretty good year so far?

AK: Pretty good. One year at work.

LH: Same, the first year of work for me.

Lucia, what do you do for work?

LH: I’m making a documentary at a production company, but it’s really cool and it’s currently classified, so I can’t really discuss it. It was more fun to work full time than to study. He just said, “OK, this is the real thing, so you have to concentrate on it.”

It’s fun and at the same time a little daunting.

Antonia, you have worked in journalism as a television host and as a parenting book writer. The last time you talked to Stellar in 2018, you were pivoting and studying law.

how are you?

AK: I have finished studying and have been working for the boutique family law office De Saxe O’Neill Family Lawyers for a year now. This is a small practice focused on alternative methods for resolving conflicts and family law issues. It’s a really great place to work.

I do 2 weeks for 7 days so it’s easy to manage. It’s a big learning curve.I love [interacting] With clients; that’s why I was attracted to family law. I think it’s satisfying. Connecting with people at that time in their lives, where they feel very vulnerable. It’s just growth.

Life is about growth. I will never be satisfied. I think we need diversity and we need to keep pushing ourselves and get out of our comfort zone.

What do they want to do together?

LH: horse riding.

AK: Also, walk and talk. Lou works near where we live, so she “comes to see lunch” on Friday and I pop up. It’s easy to hang out. And we do some shopping. You are the only one I shop with.

LH: I’m an enabler. I would say “Yes, you must have it”. She’s like “what should I do?” And I just say “yes”. [Both laugh]..

Lucia, do you share your mom’s passion for gardening?


AK: not yet. I think she will grow into it.

LH: “Still” is a valid word!

Antonia Kidman’s daughter Lucia Holy is all grown up

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