Anti-Baxer Sarah Mills says she wants to inject heroin rather than get a jab

The famous anti-vaxxer, who compared her family to Holocaust victims, declared she wanted to inject heroin rather than get a jab.

A well-known anti-Baxer who compared “isolated” anti-Baxers to Holocaust Jewish victims declared that he would prefer to inject heroin rather than inoculate the coronavirus vaccine.

Sara Mills, She is a mother of three from the New South Wales region and has more than 100,000 followers. People across Instagram, Ticktaku And Facebook deleted her social media account after posting a disturbing photo of her family online on Tuesday.

In the shot, she could be seen smiling with the children while wearing a yellow patch in the shape of the Star of David. Its version, a proud symbol of Judaism, was notoriously used by the Nazis to identify Jews and mark them as “enemy of the people.”

Where the Nazi patch contained the word “Jude” (Jewish German), Ms. Mills wrote “Novax” before starring her and her children’s T-shirts.

Alluding to the Star of David in the image, she compared the reopening plans of the New South Wales government with the treatment of Jews under Nazi control.

“This is not our free day,” she writes. “This is a history of our mistakes. If you wonder what you’ve done in the past, be aware that you’re doing it now.”

In another image on Monday, she could be seen wearing striped pajamas resembling a Jewish prisoner in a Nazi death camp.

The post was horrified by members of the Australian Jewish community and more, and describes herself as someone “relentlessly bullied online” for her view on her website. Mills appeared to have disabled her account.

But on Wednesday, she returned by sharing an image in the middle of her Botox regimen with a caption: “OMG she injects Botox and filler into her face, but gets (syringe pictogram) I won’t. ”

“Yes, I’ll inject a dirty batch of H (heroin) right away before lining up for the luster of your smack,” she continued.

Mills also posted an image of three young children holding a homemade sign that says “F ** k Your Mandates!”.

She took up the Instagram story and thanked the people who recently sent “Love and Support”.

“This is to connect me with the people I’m supposed to work with and connect with, so I’m very, very grateful for it,” she said Wednesday night. ..

“Many people know who is in this community, but censorship is real and you may find it difficult to feel supported at this time of the year when you often feel alone. not.

“This isn’t just for us. I’m very grateful for it because it’s great to connect with like-minded souls. I’m very grateful.”

She accused other “influential people” and “celebrities” of criticizing her dangerous rhetoric as “attracting and fostering a lot of hatred.”

“There are people who have been dying to say my name for quite some time, and now they just tap their fingers and are ready to go, and I just can’t wait, I No – I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this big hole, “she added.

Ms. Mills argued that she did not understand the importance of vaccination around people with weakened immunity, saying she did. vaccination And I believe, and I have the right to believe that it is in the best interests of her and our family. ”

“I was still taking her around the unvaccinated children on top of a group of vaccinated children,” she added.

“I believe the parents of unvaccinated children have healthier children. They are always clean, well-nourished, have a good diet, and these people are always in perfect health. I really do because I’m in a state. “

Vaccination reduces the chances of getting infected with Covid, suffering from serious symptoms, requiring hospitalization, or dying from the virus.

It also reduces the chances of the virus infecting others.

In response to Miller’s previous Holocaust comparison, Dr. Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the anti-defamation committee, a major civil rights organization, said the image was “beyond the ugly and offensive” and “the Holocaust.” It’s a trivial and sneaky thing. ” ..

“Sala Mills does have the right to express a strong view of the actions taken by the state government in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, but it is a law to compare with the huge legislation enacted by Hitler’s Third Reich. It’s not outside, “he said.

“In Australia, there is nothing comparable or close to Hitler’s indescribable atrocities on an industrial scale.

“Ms. Mills took advantage of the children and used the infamous yellow stars that the Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis during the Holocaust to first identify them, then dehumanize them, and finally. To kill, just to earn political points about compulsory vaccination, ridiculous, abominable. ”

at first Anti-Baxer Sarah Mills says she wants to inject heroin rather than get a jab

Anti-Baxer Sarah Mills says she wants to inject heroin rather than get a jab

Source link Anti-Baxer Sarah Mills says she wants to inject heroin rather than get a jab

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