Angus Crichton, NRL Star on Physical Fitness and Mental Health

In a tough guy story-filled sport, NRL star Angus Crichton is the toughest player I’ve ever met.

After suffering from a tendon rupture of a finger that refused to heal, he was given a choice by the doctor: either lose the game you love or lose your finger.

He chose his finger. It dates back to 2017. Only six months later, he made his State of Origin debut, down an order of magnitude.

As expected from the Sydney Roosters Hardman, Crickton says he is now keenly aware of how his body works and how he needs to handle it. ..

“The older we get, the more we become aware of our body and how we have to use it as a tool,” says a 25-year-old man. Health hacker..

“Especially in professional sports. When you are young, you are just on the move, you can recover a little faster and faster, and recovery becomes much more important as you get older. , You need to listen to your body about when and when to press it Relax. “

media_cameraSydney Roosters player Angus Crichton reveals his health and fitness regime.Photo: Richard Dobson

Rugby league may be tougher than ever, but the approach to health and fitness is also much more modern.

As a result, there are still many tough, high-intensity sessions designed to relieve players from fatigue, but training isn’t the only one.

“We do a lot of mindfulness work at The Roosters and do some different left fielder techniques, including meditation and breathing,” says Crickton.

“Breathing is a very powerful tool and we have been taught to take advantage of it.

“I also think that when you feel physically good, it shifts to a better mental state. The more physically active you are, the happier you are. The release makes you feel really great. “

Angus Cryton on …


Angus Cryton trains his body and mind. Photo: AAP / Dean Lewins
media_cameraAngus Cryton trains his body and mind. Photo: AAP / Dean Lewins

“If I’m always talking about what I keep in the fridge, freezer steaks are always useful. I also like drinking tea, so I add a little milk to my English breakfast tea. Tuna and rice too. It’s a big recourse for me, and it’s a simple treat with a little pepper, aioli, and avocado. “


“I always try to be in bed before 10 pm, but I don’t always hit it. It’s definitely an important part of recovery.”


“I love trying different styles of training and I’m really interested in learning different styles of training and how other athletes train in a particular sport. Different types of training. When you surprise your body with, I think your body reacts well. If you try something new and don’t like it, you won’t regret it. “

Pre-game superstition

“I really don’t have anything, but I always like to have a large bowl of pasta the night before and make sure I have some hydrolyzate before the match.”

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Initially published as follows Mindfulness is part of the NRL Star training

Angus Crichton, NRL Star on Physical Fitness and Mental Health

Source link Angus Crichton, NRL Star on Physical Fitness and Mental Health

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