Angela Morard: Countries with low Vax rates are off my world travel list

Previously, all you needed to travel abroad was cash, occasional visas or jabs and insurance. Now you need to understand where you are least likely to die, Angela Morard writes.

“Hey, Honey, do you want to go to the Greek island?”

To be honest, are there any better questions in the world than that?

Well, I think the proposal might excite some or the phone from the lottery office to ask if you really are the owner of the winning Powerball ticket. But the Greek islands will do it for me.

Ever since I started seeing the lovely little ABC series called the Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury, I’ve been anxious to return to the Aegean Sea. It’s a serious dromomania for me to see Julia swan and incredibly beautiful sunsets around Crete, Corfu and Santorini while drinking retsina and wearing chic embroidered dresses. I’m giving.

So this week, I dug up my passport, downloaded a vaccine certificate for overseas travel, and started planning where I wanted to go.

And I stopped by my truck.

Previously, all you needed to travel was cash, occasional visas or jabs, insurance, and adventurous spirit. Now you need to figure out where you are least likely to die.

It used to mean avoiding Death Valley in California and Snake Island in Brazil, but now it means avoiding under-vaccinated countries.

So while the fun Ms. Bradbury may recommend figs, capers, and churches made from old shipwrecks, the Greeks are messing with their thumbs (or bouzouki), resulting in a population of 59. Only% have a jab.

To soak your toes in azure water or your fingers in olive oil, you need to raise them higher.

So where is the least likely to catch the dreaded C? Now, Gibraltar for the start, where 119 percent of the population is fully vaxxed.

The numbers work in Gibraltar but live in the mainland and are opportunistic while they are there, before all anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists begin to point out that vaccines jeopardize their numerical capabilities. Includes all Spaniards who received the jab in.

Apparently, the biggest threat when visiting The Rock, a British territory influenced by Spain and North Africa, is a primate called a macaque that can jump on you, open your backpack and steal lunch. is. For those of us raised on sharks, snakes and spiders, there are few threats.

Both the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are highly vaccinated, but do not spend money in countries where domestic violence protection is weak and women at airports are forced to undergo intimate health examinations. Hmm.

I would rather go to Malta (85% vaccination), where the Queen and Prince Philip lived for several years, or Cambodia, where 77% are fully vaccinated than Norway, Denmark and Canada.

It is a country that deserves our money and attention, as the referees of that country continue to find some kind of justice for the two million people who died under Pol Pot.

Cyprus caught my eye because a 5 m high penis-shaped potato was built there, but with only 47% vaccination, I went to Belfast and a 10 m long salmon. You should see the big fish, which is a ceramic statue of. .. I once went there to write a profile in an oasis band, and let’s just say my liver barely survived.

But there are two other real prominences that should be at the top of everyone’s travel list. First, last week, Palau, a small Pacific country that beat the world by boasting 99% of its population, was vaccinated. Apparently, Jellyfish Lake is a great place for snorkeling, but the turquoise cove called the Milky Way is perfect for a natural mud bath.

But my number one destination is Portugal. In Portugal, vaccination rates are very high and there is a shortage of adults, so shots cannot be given.

I was once sent to a press conference to Thalassotherapy Spa in this unfriendly country, but after being bathed for 6 hours a day, the people were nice and the sardines and custard tarts were even better.

There, the former submarine commander who led the country’s vaccination drive became a national hero.

Henrique Gueveia e Melo, dressed in military uniform at 193 cm, explained to the Portuguese that he could choose between two roads. On vaccinated roads, snipers kill one in 500,000 people.

On unvaccinated roads, snipers take out one in 500 people. He is currently running a vaccine campaign in Africa. The prevalence of the infection is afraid that it may become a breeding ground for new subspecies.

Sadly, immunization rates in Congo, South Sudan, Liberia and Chad are all less than 0.5%. Other parts of Africa are not so good.

Perhaps Henrique will be able to join forces with Bob Geldof to replay Live Aid and restore the continent.

I will gladly donate the equivalent of traveling abroad. Because it’s a good idea to throw your arms around the world during Christmas time before we set out on our fantasy flight.



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Angela Morard: Countries with low Vax rates are off my world travel list

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