Andrews admits the mistake, but declares Victoria’s pandemic response a “victory”

Victoria’s pandemic performance was statistically the worst in Australia, but it’s difficult to compare government responses, and a key element of the pandemic trajectory is randomness.

According to New South Wales data, the state records 1896 cases per 100,000 people. Victoria makes up about 25% of Australia’s population, but accounts for nearly 60% of Australia’s total COVID-19 infections.

Comparing the death toll from the disease, which killed millions worldwide, Victoria has recorded 1374 deaths compared to 630 in New South Wales.A judicial inquiry that did not hold responsibility for the failure of either Mr Andrews or his minister..

Andrews said in a podcast that the 2021 blockade of Victoria could almost certainly be avoided. If the NSW State Government takes quicker action To stop the outbreak of delta.

Premier Consistently confronted the press conference during the health crisis.. He said these were the keys to communicating public health information, but also revealed the large audience they attracted that political leaders could only dream of before the pandemic.

“The audience was absolutely amazing, absolutely amazing … they gave me some audience numbers at some point.

“Many times I thought,’I don’t know what they think of me by this end,’ but we just have to move forward.”

“The audience was absolutely amazing, absolutely amazing … you’re talking to a million people.”

Daniel Andrews

Home orders imposed by Andrews and his interstate highway counterparts, his government’s vaccination obligations designed to increase vaccination rates to end those orders, and their highly critical Pandemic bill transferred power from Supreme Health Officer to Minister Protests around Australia with the most attendance in Victoria..

Andrews said some demonstrators had no comprehensible interest in anger and violence, but the lack of factual discourse was destroying society.

He questioned whether several state coalition members who met with protesters at several recent rallies wanted political violence resulting from rebel protests.

“We’ve seen people who are very critical of standing and sharing the stage. The other side of politics shares the stage with these people. What do they want? They Do you really want someone to hurt you? “

Strict state policy fueled Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent call to the government to escape people’s livesAndrews said it reflects the issues of the US Republican Party.

Finance Minister Josh Ellinghausen

“The tea party nonsense doesn’t work here, not to mention Trump’s nonsense,” he said. “I don’t know where I am [the Morrison government is] so. They got lost. I don’t know what they are for or what their future agenda is. “

Andrews, without name, aimed at the federal minister, who said he had made an “obscene” attack on Victoria’s pandemic Josh Frydenberg is a common slanderer Andrews’ COVID-19 response.

“The worst part about it is that there are Victorian people who claim to understand Victoria. They are leading within various governments, not necessarily loyal to their state. I have a position, “he said.

“They thought they were bagging me. They really thought they were bagging me. And there would be some political advantage. They are in this state. I found out that I was bagging people. “

2007 Labor Party leaders Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Gough Whitlam.

2007 Labor Party leaders Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Gough Harris

While many commentators have pointed out that the state government has emerged as the dominant political entity for public health management, Andrews holds the key means of economic and social reform. Therefore, it claims that the state government is the center of power.

The reform agenda of the 1980s and 1990s focused on national reforms such as trade liberalization, dollar fluctuations, and tax reform, 21st century agenda clarified by the Productivity Commission Located in an area controlled by the state. Make better use of human capital by improving infrastructure, education, health care and skills.


“Our standard of living, quality of life, a great driver of productivity … they are all currently run by the state,” he said.

“We need to say more about the agenda than the governments of any country our country has ever had … except that. [Hawke Labor] Government in the 1980s. “

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Andrews admits the mistake, but declares Victoria’s pandemic response a “victory”

Source link Andrews admits the mistake, but declares Victoria’s pandemic response a “victory”

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