Andre Silva and RB Leipzig put sleepy Manchester City to sleep | Champions League

Manchester City Champions League No one is there to see the dead rubber and it, did it really happen? Indeed, it will be the only comforting mass for Pep Guardiola. He reports on this quiet shrine where his half-interested side was continuously carved out, Kyle Walker was able to stop himself during the last 16 years, and the only one in the experiment. The flicker was meaningless Finally given to Cole Palmer for 3 minutes.

Usually, if you have nothing to play, the city is unmatched. How do you think they won all those League Cups? But here they seemed to be caught in a complete whirlpool of indifference: some combination of the situation and the empty stadium and the harsh cold, and Leipzig still needs results to qualify for the Europa League. The fact that

Indeed, the only real note of evening tension was how the homeside would react to the dismissal of coach Jesse Marsch over the weekend. The entire Leipzig project seems to be at a crossroads, ranking 11th in the Bundesliga and retreating for the first time in history. However, the noble Dominik Szobosrai and their active defensive resistance in the second half still have many promises to build here.

When Manchester city We have already guaranteed the top position in the group, and certain cancellations and rotations were inevitable. João Cancelo, Bernardo Silva, Ederson and Rodri all rested. Still, Guardiola’s nominated team was still nervous, with Kevin De Bruyne returning to the midfield and Jack Grealish on both sides of Phil Foden and Riyad Mahrez, an established full-international XI. ..

The message to the city’s impressive young people was clear enough. This is still the Champions League. You get this. There are no prizes or fans. The RB Arena was not open to the public through the city, in the light of the surprising increase in the Covid case in Germany.
Last season, he established himself as the champion of pandemic football and started to get a little sleepy here.

Grealish and De Bruyne had a hard time joining the game. Konrad Laimer had his first chance after Ilkay Gundoan was captured. Kyle Walker successfully erased the counterattack, but Leipzig’s movements were sharp and sharp, and in the 23rd minute they found a way.

Peter Grach’s goal kick was unaided, but City was thrown on the second ball and Lymer cleared Suzobzurai with a nice winding pass. Szoboszlai is said to be Hungary’s most talented soccer player since Ferenc Puskás, but the playmaker hasn’t really burned the Bundesliga since his move in January. But here, his talent was fully proven. Skillful runs, pace changes, quick feet to bring the ball around Sachs Stephen and finish on an empty net.

The blueprint was set. Leipzig continued to look for the quick ball behind the defense, and as the half progressed, the city began to stitch together several moves, but the defensive transition still looked a bit fragile. Emil Forsberg should have been able to reach 2-0 within seconds of the reboot. Andre Silva is sure that seven minutes before halftime, a £ 19m Portuguese striker should go straight from 5 yards to Stephen.

Foden’s Raheem Sterling was a clear change in the break. Grealish switched to the left, Gundoan pushed up, De Bruyne drifted around in search of the ball, but even if Citi enjoyed more ownership and territory in the second half, there was little associated power. ..

With 20 minutes remaining, John Stones were drawn towards the ball, Forsberg cleared the burst, and Silva finished with the men lining up for the shoot. It was probably the moment Guardiola realized that Tuesday night should have been rounded up in a box set. Even the sight of Mahrez heading towards the cross of Oleksandr Zinchenko from a short distance could not move him.

When the game was leaked, the utilitylessness of the entire enterprise seemed to dawn in the city at once. With eight minutes remaining, Walker was shown a childish hacking red card at Szoboszlai.

Still, Citi may still be scoring points through Grealish and De Bruyne. If necessary, it reminded me that the city is never so bad, even when they are pretty bad. This was a nightmare night, but what you feel doesn’t leave a real scar. What’s more, if you’re going to implode in a disaster, you’d better do it in a game like this.

Andre Silva and RB Leipzig put sleepy Manchester City to sleep | Champions League

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