An American Olympic athlete running wild in Tokyo? Not the Covid Olympics | Tokyo Olympics 2020

It’s time again. It’s time to accept our inner Olympic judge. It’s time to think about the mating habits of Great American athletes.

The game started in earnest a few days ago as the first photo from inside the Olympic Village dormitory. Going around the web – And this time I didn’t go through the bed. Mattresses didn’t just look like the furthest from the “Olympic” size. (Technically, it’s a queen). The bed did not just make sure that the world was sitting on the shipped box. No, it also seemed like a late-night mood that could barely support the weight of one sleeping person, not to mention the two.

From there, an “anti-sex” bed meme entered the race. “The bed can withstand the weight of one person to avoid non-sports situations.” Snatch theft Team USA long-distance runner Paul Kipkerimo sticks to the premise that beds can discourage people who are best suited for sports from aiming for gold.Irish gymnast Reese McClenahan took Jump into his bed like a moody kid Oh yeah, remind everyone that Japanese people are very good at making things. From the beginning, the Yaesu-based company in question here, Airweave, said their beds could carry twice as much weight as medium-sized Americans.

Indeed, the organizers of Tokyo 2020 must have thought that they were doing well on Mother Earth by test-running 18,000 beds made of cardboard, polyethylene and other sustainable materials. But do you know what really benefits the world? There is no Olympics in the midst of a pandemic.

Nature is already on that path. For the opening ceremony on Friday, there were 70 tournament-related incidents, including three confirmed in the athletes’ village. Tennis phenoms Coco Gauff and the NBA All-Star Bradley Beal are one of the US stars who haven’t been able to compete in the Olympics after a recent positive test on Covid. These are two athletes who have already undergone strict health and safety protocols in their sport. If the Olympic bubble has already been broken, you can only imagine the tatters that exist when the most striking hookup scene known to humans actually begins.

In fact, the Olympic organizers will distribute 150,000 free condoms, hoping that athletes will bring them home and use them wisely in their HIV and AIDS prevention campaigns. (C!) It’s about 300,000 fewer condoms than the ones distributed in Rio. There, I was sure to find one man walking around with a punch bowl, inside a wall dispenser, and a transparent satchel. Alcohol sales are also banned, and social distance is encouraged by due diligence against Delta and the lambda coronavirus variants that are now sweeping the world.

Still: Are you telling me that the same Olympic athlete, who works for stratospheric-level seriousness, delusions, and self-sacrifice, will suddenly leave so much potential sex on the table? Second, the phrase “sexual Olympics” would now be said to be an austere euphemism. The overall reason for the tournament is to inspire and witness the pinnacle of human achievement. Assuming athletes won’t be hooked this year isn’t just about downplaying the challenging early months they spent training in their own country under a stay-at-home order. It also underestimates the very thing that drove them to this point, their motivation.

Many Olympics remain Include A place to drop your hair in a like-minded company. Nine years ago, ESPN The Magazine offered a rare peak in this culture. This was the worst secret of the game, and the story was wilder than I imagined.

Hope Solo, a US goalkeeper at the London Games Athlete Village, told ESPN’s Sam Alipur: On the lawn, between the buildings, people are coming down and getting dirty. Solo even allowed the celebrity to return to his bed. Its identity remains her “Olympic secret” forever. Amanda Beard, a swimmer who won two gold medals, said that Olympic athletes “sneak around for miles. [in sex] Where if a curfew is given? ” Alpine skier Carrie Sheinberg said she declined the offer to “enjoy in a group” in exchange for a gold medal from the two German bobsleighs.

Even we, the general public, cannot deny the obvious sex appeal of Olympic athletes.Tongan standard-bearer, Pita Taufatofu The person who broke the internet Having participated in the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics naked and forming a taekwondo team at the Olympic Games for the third consecutive year, this year also caused a sensation. Three years ago, he walked the national parade for the 2018 Winter Olympics, again exposed below freezing in Pyeongchang, competing in cross-country skiing.

Ryan Lochte, the standard for bad behavior at the U.S. Olympics, is abused in Rio after that time It became an international event It goes far beyond his golden pursuit in the pool, and it is believed that at least 70% of the village athletes were sexually active. In addition, all figures except to guarantee that the efforts of the Tokyo 2020 organizers will be wasted. Perhaps instead of discouraging sex, they should discourage sexism – other immutable aspects of the game.

Instead, there was a Norwegian women’s beach handball team You will be fined $ 177 Their federation wears biker shorts because they insist on wearing bikinis with “fitting” sports bras and bottoms that “do not exceed 10 cm on the sides.” Meanwhile, Team GB’s Double Paralympic Athletics Champion Olivia Breen Quoted for wearing an ass that is too short, Even though she has been competing for similar briefs for years. With the exception of basketball, soccer and softball, it seems that female athletes must always wear skimpy clothing in the name of capturing demographics for men between the ages of 18 and 34.

Here the organizers of the Olympics can intervene. They can set a wider dress code parameter and let female athletes determine sex appeal. About sex itself: fellow, come on. Where have you been in the last 10 years? If it’s as easy as getting rid of some condoms, abstinence education wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar failure.

But if the Tokyo organizers are honest with themselves, they like to have it both ways. They have no actual follow-through, no annoying discussions around, for example, Laurel Hubbard’s Olympic breakthrough Caster Semenya Ban-What’s More Commercial Than Bullying? And remember if those same buttoned authorities have to be bold enough to pin a Covid positive that is definitely approaching the horizon of an athlete jumping from one cardboard bed to the next. Keep in mind: they are proud to insist on this entire setup in the first place.

An American Olympic athlete running wild in Tokyo? Not the Covid Olympics | Tokyo Olympics 2020

Source link An American Olympic athlete running wild in Tokyo? Not the Covid Olympics | Tokyo Olympics 2020

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