An American man claims his penis has shrunk due to a rare side effect of Covid

He claims that his “above average” masculinity is now significantly reduced – doctors warn that it is “likely to be permanent.”

The man claims that the penis has shrunk about 4 cm because of Covid, and doctors say he can’t fix it.

An anonymous American said the persistent effects of the virus hurt his confidence.

Earlier, a man in his thirties said his penis was above average size.

According to urologists, “Covid d * ck” is a real phenomenon, and damage to blood vessels can reduce the size of the penis. Sun Report.

A study of 3,400 people, led by University College London, found that of the 200 long Covid symptoms reported, the small penis was one of the rare.

Call Podcast How to doThe man said: “I’m a heterosexual in my thirties. Last July I signed with Covid and was very ill.

“When I left the hospital, I had some erectile dysfunction problems. Some treatment gradually improved, but the problems seem to be protracted.

“My penis is shrinking. Before I got sick, it was above average and not big, but definitely bigger than usual. Now I’m about an inch and a half (3.8 cm). Has lost and is clearly below average.

“This is clearly due to damage to the blood vessels, and my doctor seems to think it is likely to be permanent.

“It shouldn’t really matter, but it has had a big impact on my confidence in my bed ability.”

Ashley Winter, an American urologist, explained that post-covid penile contraction is a domino effect of erectile dysfunction.

She told the podcast:

“You have this period when the penis is not stretched, it is not, you know, put all this blood in it, which can lead to scarring of the penis and shortening of the penis.

“And that’s probably what you know what your caller is talking about right now.”

Dr. Winter explained that men are at risk for a smaller penis only if the cause of erectile dysfunction is physical, such as cancer.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, such as sexual ability and anxiety about depression, are not related to penile shrinkage.

Evidence shows that the virus can invade blood vessels in the penis and therefore can cause damage.

However, Covid is not a sexually transmitted disease.

Dr. Winter said that when Covid invades the endothelial cells of blood vessels in the penis, it can interfere with proper blood flow. This will prevent it from curing effectively.

Doctors referred to a study in which a urologist found particles of coronavirus in the penis of two men who had erectile dysfunction after complete recovery from the infection.

Both men had “normal erectile function” before getting Covid, according to the findings published in World Journal of Men’s Health.

However, 7-9 months after infection, they sought penile implant surgery.

University College London has identified 203 symptoms in patients from 56 countries and conducted a lengthy Covid symptom study.

Almost 5% of men suffered from “decreased testicle / penis size”, according to a study published in. Lancet’s EClinical Medicine..

About 15% of men reported sexual dysfunction.

Do you have any hope for erectile dysfunction?

The man who wrote the podcast was anxious for advice.

Fortunately, experts said that not all hope is lost because of treatments for erectile dysfunction and the effects of its fallout.

Penile enlargement using exercises or devices is commonly used as a treatment for the small side, either naturally or due to illness.

An example is a vacuum pump. This is a tube that fits into the penis and pumps air, increasing blood flow to that area.

Dr. Winter said these types of treatments are given to men at the stage of erectile dysfunction to prevent long-term injury.

Her other advice to the caller was to find a way to accept his new penis size.

She said: “Penis length does not define who. And most of the dissatisfaction with penis length is actually self-led, not partner-led.”

This story first appeared Sun Reissued with permission

at first An American man claims his penis has shrunk due to a rare side effect of Covid

An American man claims his penis has shrunk due to a rare side effect of Covid

Source link An American man claims his penis has shrunk due to a rare side effect of Covid

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