American Pie singer Don McLean retires with 27-year-old model Paris Dylan

The American pie singer, 75, has no plans to stop dating 27-year-old model Paris Dylan and outlines their future. Retirement is imminent now.

American Pie singer Don McLean talked about his romance with a 48-year-old junior former Playboy model and revealed plans to withdraw from public life.

In an interview with TimesThe 75-year-old has “an overwhelming desire to retire to my farm in Maine and not want to talk to anyone” after promoting and touring his new album “American Boys”. I admitted that.

McLean confirmed that his 27-year-old, 5-year-old girlfriend, Paris Dylan, was part of the plan.

“Oh, she’ll be with me,” he told the publication.

“I also have horses. I like animals. In many ways I like them much more than people.”

McLean was previously married to his first wife, Carroll, from 1962 to 1972. He married Patricha Schnier in 1987, but divorced in 2016 on charges of domestic violence.

McLean was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. He was found guilty of plea bargaining on four out of six cases as part of a plea bargain and was not sentenced to imprisonment.

In a police statement, Patricha said: He scared me with the intensity of his anger and the madness of his eyes. “

McLean later Daily mail He quit his marriage because he “endured a physical attack” from Patricha and “wants to do something else in this last chapter” of his life.

After the split, the singer began dating Dylan, who first gained fame in the MTV reality series. catfish..

When asked about the breakdown of his second marriage, McLean simply told the Times, “I have a bad relationship.”

He added: “Now I’m with a great girl. She’s different from me, I’m different from her, and we give each other a lot of room.”

McLean went on to insist that he hadn’t changed at all.

“I’m the same guy as usual. After all, I think I’m just lonely,” he told the publication.

McLean had previously said he would keep Dylan as long as possible.

“I’m honored to have her as a partner with my girlfriend. I have no plans to break up,” he said. “We will be together and ride this pony as much as possible.”

Earlier this month, McLean became a hot topic after revealing that he had cut his daughter Jackie McLean. From his will After she has done all the interviews blaming him for mental and emotional abuse.

“Last year I stopped supporting my daughter,” he said. Daily mail.. “I have a son (Wyatt). I grew up the same and I think I’m a great father and I don’t have these complaints. But I said to my daughter,” You talk about me and tell me If you throw it in the trash, I’ll take over you. “

When 31-year-old Jackie did it in June Tell Rolling stone McLean told her that their growing home “had a constant state of horror” and could say goodbye to his good luck.

“She is no longer automatically inherited. This was a trust fund of nearly $ 3 million,” he said.

“I’ve always supported my daughter — $ 30,000, $ 40,000, and $ 50,000 a year, doubling my husband’s salary. I wanted to make sure my grandchildren had everything they wanted. . “

In a June interview, Jackie insisted that when he was a kid, his father “turned into a crazy person” in a little bit.

“If someone moves an item in the house and doesn’t know where it is, he’ll rampage for hours,” she insisted. Rolling stone.. “And it was chaotic, so everyone was always on the edge.”

McLean vehemently denied Jackie’s accusations, claiming that he was a loving father who had always supported his daughter until he cut it off.

– When Fox news

at first American Pie singer Don McLean retires with 27-year-old model Paris Dylan

American Pie singer Don McLean retires with 27-year-old model Paris Dylan

Source link American Pie singer Don McLean retires with 27-year-old model Paris Dylan

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