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Amanda Gorman: “I wanted my words to resanctify the steps of the Capitol” | Amanda Gorman

My first reading memory
When I was in elementary school, my mother bought me a Hooked on Phonics reading kit. I was literally obsessed with reading and looked up as much material as I could.

Books that influenced my growth
When I was in the third grade, my teacher read Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine. It was the first time I heard such a metaphor, and it touched my heart. It was a watershed moment for the way I see the power of language.

Author who wants to write
In the second year of junior high school, Toni Morrison’s Blue store.. It’s not poetry, but it taught me my thoughts on how poetic words permeate the novel. Also, it was the first time I saw a girl with dark skin on the cover of a book, and I was very absorbed in it. I read Morrison and in my own black feminist voice taught me how to write without apologizing.

The moment that changed me
It was a great honor to be chosen to play in Biden Inauguration Ceremony.. It was a great opportunity to follow in the footsteps of legendary poets such as Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Alexander and Richard Blanco. Parliamentary Rebellion.. After that day, the poetry vision I was writing needed a new level of depth. I hoped my words would resanctify the steps of the Capitol.

Poet who inspires me
Throughout history, poets and narrators have often been foresights of change. Language makers create new dialects that can convey a common dream that people challenge the status quo. Poets such as Maya Angelou, Tracy K Smith, And Eve Ewing was a constant source of inspiration for me.

My favorite book as a kid
I loved corduroy when I was little. It’s a very sweet and classic story of friendship, I can’t help but want to be a better person.

About the debut picture book and what it wants to capture
When I was still a student, I started writing a book for my kids, Change Sings, four years ago. My hope was to create a poem that would take young readers on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately empower them to see how they can make a difference. Illustrator Loren Long embraced my abstract vision and gave it texture and light. We are very proud of the language and image mosaics we created together.

A book that changed my mind
Citizen NS Claudia Rankin I recreated what I thought meant the lyrics. It cleverly destabilized my preconceptions about what poetry looks like and how sociological instincts are beautifully integrated into the work of art.

The book I reread
Last year I reread Iliad, but this time it hit me in a completely different way. It’s a spectacular story about the plague that devastates the army because of their leader’s Chauvinism and myopia. I felt like I was at home.

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What i am reading now
I always read and reread books. The new books I’m reading are Four Hundred Souls edited by Ibram X Kendi and Keisha NBlain, What Happened To You edited by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey, and Postcolonial Love Poem edited by Natalie Diaz.

Read my comfort
Shakespeare. While sitting by the fireplace, there is no such thing as a cup of hot cocoa and a copy of Othello or Hamlet.

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Amanda Gorman: “I wanted my words to resanctify the steps of the Capitol” | Amanda Gorman

Source link Amanda Gorman: “I wanted my words to resanctify the steps of the Capitol” | Amanda Gorman

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