Alphinity employs two global managers

Alphinity Investment Management has hired two senior fund managers on its global equity team.

Mary Manning joined Elaston Capital later this month and ran a fund for Elaston Capital Asia Growth and India and a listed investment firm at Asia Investments.

Prior to Ellerston, he worked for Oaktree Capital and Soros Fund Management in New York and Asia.

The second employer, Trent Masters, joined from Global Evolution Capital, which was founded in 2019, to manage a global absolute return fund. He previously spent more than 10 years at Colonial First State Global Asset Management.

Both Manning and Master had over 20 years of industry experience and Manning Previously nominated for Money management 2020 Women Portfolio Manager of the Year Award.

Pairs now help manage $ 4 billion Alfinity Global Equity Jonas Palmqvist, Jeff Thomson, Nikki Thomas, and Global sustainable equity A fund launched earlier this year.

The fund sought to invest in a concentrated set of quality companies identified as undervalued.

Palmqvist said:

“Importantly, their complementary and diverse backgrounds provide a new alternative perspective that enriches the debate when working through established investment processes.”

Alphinity employs two global managers

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