Alex Carrie, Matthew Wade and Josh Inglis vie for the first test

Australia is looking for a new test wicket keeper just days after the first ash test Tim Payne took leave indefinitely..

Payne resigned as a test captain last Friday after the details of a blatant image and a series of lewd messages sent to his colleagues in November 2017 were released.

He was still planning to play the first test on December 8th, but after a week of scrutiny, the 36-year-old chose to pull the pin of Ash’s plan away from cricket.

With this decision, Selector competed for Plan B, with Alex Carrie, Joshengris and Matthew Wade taking the seat of Pain as key candidates.

The three wicket-keepers are all talented players, but their test-level options are flawed for a variety of reasons.

Let’s take a closer look at the trio and outsiders who can offer alternative options.

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Cummins was nominated as Australia’s 47th test captain as the door opens for Smith to end his three-year asylum.

Alex Carry

Alex Carrie had a better chance with a red ball game, but still struggled.Source: Getty Images

He was considered a front runner, but at the worst of his time he experienced a worrisome form of depression.

In the last three innings of Carrie’s Redbacks, the score was 0, 7, 6 and the average Sheffield Shield this season dropped to 21.85.

Carrie is reluctant to make her test debut in this situation, but in the end it will be a great opportunity to wait for him to arrive for a long time.

Despite being touted as a potential test wicket-keeper batter for a long time, even the captain was at ODI level, so Carrie is now in her thirties and is still waiting for her first chance.

As one of the two goalkeepers selected at the Australian AXI last week, Logic shows that he is among the top two candidates to replace Pain.

Given that the other players are Ingris who haven’t played first class games since September, it may suggest that Carrie is standing alone.

However, it is undeniable that Carrie’s form with a bat is a major concern, and if he debuts next month, he could be liable for Australia.

In honor of Sheffield Shield, the step up to face Stuart Broad and James Anderson at Gaba in the ash test is a big step.

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In favor of Carrie, unlike Inglis, he is a veteran international cricket player who has played 45 ODIs and 38 T20Is since January 2018.

His glovework has reached the norm — probably not better than Pain’s — he averages 36.45 on ODI cricket.

In addition, Carrie participated in Inglis’ T20 World Cup. This may prove to be a blessing disguise.

For a long time, Carrie was unable to complete an extended run at Sheffield Shield. A curse due to the talent of his white ball.

However, Carrie has already played five games this season, and Inglis has been sitting on the UAE bench for most of the last few weeks.

Nonetheless, Carrie hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunity while his first class average of 35.66 is fine, but hasn’t requested a test choice.

Josh Inglis

Josh Inglis is a candidate.Source: Getty Images

The 26-year-old Western Australian keeper Inglis is also well mixed.

If Inglis is handed a buggy green at Gaba, it will end the very fast climb of Inglis, which was a few miles away from the test selection 12 months ago.

However, Inglis enjoyed the breakout of Western Australia’s 2020-21 season. The looting spanned all formats and was firmly on the radar of the national selection committee.

At Shield, he hit 585 runs at 73.12 from the middle to lower ranks of WA, including the 3rd century. Only Marnus Lavcheng reached an additional three digits in last year’s shield season.

Inglis was also briefly featured in this year’s Leicestershire County Championships. He averaged 42.66 in three innings and did not compromise his test qualifications.

But he eventually won a national survey through the shortest format of the game.

Inglis scored the top score in this year’s T20 Blast, smoking 531 was 48.27 and the strike rate was 175.82.

He was quickly added to the Australian World Cup team in place of Carrie, who was fighting bats in the Caribbean and Bangladesh.

Catch 22 is the unfortunate position that the call prevented Inglis from leaning on the shape of the recent red ball.

Pain will be 7 in the appearance of Tassie II | 00:22

This week’s match between Western Australia and Tasmania was too early for Inglis, so Josh Philippe wore gloves again.

He has just played one of the prestigious games since the middle of this year. And he couldn’t make a bat statement against South Australia with a score of 28 and 13.

Unlike Carrie, Inglis has never played an international match.

Testing the first ash series after the Australian test captain suddenly resigned is one of the most difficult situations for Inglis to win a buggy green.

Nonetheless, Warn wrote earlier this month that he would choose Inglis instead of Pain.

“He has silky smooth hands behind the stump. He is a 360 degree player with a bat and left hundreds of first class in WA last season,” Warne said. Is writing. Herald Sun..

“He’s a great teamman I saw directly in the London Spirit this year. He’s 26. Van, put him in.”

Matthew Wade

Matthew Wade may be a safe choice for selectors.Source: Getty Images

The Australian selector is back here in a nasty corner.

The selector only considered Wade’s test paper to be stamped, and if he wanted to put money in his mouth, he wouldn’t fall back to Wade, which averaged only 29.87 in 36 tests.

After all, what message would it at least send to Carrie and Inglis on Wade’s Australian A team?

On the other hand, given the situation, who resents the selector making a U-turn?

After all, Wade would be a safe choice.

It is not saying that he will work for Australia, but rather that the public will surely understand why such a decision is made.

This is the ash series that Australia is expected to win widely. Failure to do so could have disastrous consequences for certain individuals, including coach and selector Justin Langer, whose contract expires in mid-2022.

Selector did not expect Carrie or Inglis to debut in the Ash series cauldron.

Therefore, Pain’s sudden departure provides room for the selector to wiggle back to the experienced Wade, despite first snubbing him.

Is the ashes bound? The head creates a timely century | 01:06

Wade generally understands ash, opponents, and test cricket, but neither Carrie nor Inglis could say the same.

That said, history suggests that Wade is also a flawed option.

Wade hasn’t worn Australian gloves in a test match since September 2017, months before he lost to Payne.

Since then, the focus of his red ball game has been on specialist batting, and glove work has been limited to the short format of cricket.

In test cricket, Wade averages 28.58 as a designated wicket keeper for 22 games.

Wade’s test statistic is not so in his experience, but much is desired.

Notable here is that Wade was the only Australian to make a century with ashes in 2019, except Smith, and he did so twice.

Wade is far from a flashy player. By the age of 34, there may not be long-term benefits to keeping him on Test XI.

Nonetheless, the goal post has changed since Selector nominated the Australian Ash team without Wade last week.


Opportunity outside.Source: Getty Images

Few people expect anyone other than Pain or the three players above to keep the wicket in the first test, but it’s worth mentioning some of the outsiders who are working well with the shield.

Josh PhilipIs not a full-time wicket keeper, but this week he temporarily moved to the top of the run chart with 53 to 53 balls against Tasmania.

He achieved 434 runs at 54.25 this season, consistent with 129 runs against Queensland earlier this month.

That century took place where the first tests took place in Gaba.

He is only 24 years old and definitely has a bright future. And the selector hasn’t been interested in promoting young players to the top level lately. Both Will Pukowski and Cameron Green made their test debut last season in their early twenties.

Another alternative route is to take a closer look at Victoria’s veterans. Peter Handscom..

Handscom didn’t take full advantage of the 16 tests in Australia, but his average of 38.91 is the same as the average of Travishead and Usman Kawaja, who are mixing well for recalls.

These days, Shield’s average this season is 47.66, with impressive two-inning scores of 115 and 90.

Another outsider is Queensland Jimmy Pearson He is one of only three players who have spent centuries this season.

He’s on average exactly the same as Handscom, but three consecutive single-digit scores stopped his momentum a bit.

Alex Carrie, Matthew Wade and Josh Inglis vie for the first test

Source link Alex Carrie, Matthew Wade and Josh Inglis vie for the first test

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