After United’s victory, Rangnick welcomes “adorable” Fred

The 77-minute strike from United’s Brazil national team defeated Crystal Palace 1-0 as Rangnick was in charge of the first dugout.

Former Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig bosses when viewed from the stand United beat Arsenal 3-2 on Friday (AEDT), And it was the first day of the front line for Germans on Monday.

Among the many likely winners, Fred was far below the list, but it was his unfavorable right-footed strike that saw Patrick Viera’s Eagles off.

Fred’s profound midfield role is often quoted by United observers as a weakness in the team, but on this occasion he was a hero. He has scored twice in 12 Premier League games this season and has made 76 appearances in the first three campaigns of the tournament.

“I think everyone loves Fred. You have to love Fred. I only need to get to know him for two days, but he’s the sunshine,” Rangnick said.

Saturday’s United training session had to be short due to Manchester’s stormy weather, and Rangnick’s opportunity to work on the pitch with new players was already limited.

With new instructions from Marcus Rashford, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes, the 63-year-old was able to put together a tactical plan that was still nearly successful.

Rangnick pointed out at a press conference on Friday that keeping his opponent away from United’s penalty area was a priority, and his players felt that following the instructions worked.

The result means that United lost only two of the 25 Premier League matches against the Palace (W18 D5) and maintained a clean seat in the last two league matches against the Eagles.

In an interview on United’s official website, Rangnick said:

“I decided to choose a slightly different formation, but only slightly different. I played Jadon and Bruno in 10 positions in front of two strikers Marcus and Cristiano, and the rest of the team were in the same positions as usual. Cristiano has a partner on the front line, so I think it worked just because I thought it might be better to control it in the middle of the pitch. “

United moved up to 6th place in the Premier League, scoring 7 points in three games after losing 4-1 at Watford. As a result, the former boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not return.

Rangnick said: “I was a little upset at certain times in the game when I saw the game on TV and the game against Arsenal, but today I felt like I was in control of the game.”

After United’s victory, Rangnick welcomes “adorable” Fred

Source link After United’s victory, Rangnick welcomes “adorable” Fred

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