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After Madi Grove withdrew from the Olympics, Australian swimmers urged to elaborate on sexism

Swimming Australia is calling on athletes to elaborate on sexism in sports while launching a broader investigation into Madi Grove’s anger.

The Governing Body creates an all-female panel to investigate the claims and broader issues of the “Misogyny Pervert in Sport” glove.

Groves is still rejecting phone and email replies from the SA hierarchy.

“It would be great if she could get involved with us … but it really depends on Maddy,” SA CEO Alex Baumann told reporters Saturday.

Asked if SA had systemic problems with the treatment of female swimmers, Baumann replied:

“But this is what we’re actually trying to find, so we’re setting this panel to see exactly what it is.”

An independent panel will be formed in the coming weeks while Mr. Baumann conducts individual structural reviews of the Governing Body.

The Organization’s Ethics and Conscientiousness Commission also investigates the claims of Gloves, a dual Olympic silver medalist who alleges the case of fat shame, among other issues.

SA “absolutely” wanted other swimmers to come forward, Baumann said, adding that there were currently no other complaints before the organization.

“Our goal is to be as open and transparent as possible,” he said.

“If you have problems, try to deal with them and find their solutions together … let’s do it with us, not with them.”

Swimmers had the option of filing anonymous complaints, said Tracy Stockwell, SA Director and High Performance Commission Chairman.

“There is a way for whistleblowers,” Stockwell told reporters.

“And we are constantly looking at our process and the level of independence whether police need to be involved.

“There is an entire process that we believe works pretty well, but we can always do better.”

Ms. Stockwell said all women’s committee mandates have not yet been set.

“This was prompted by Maddy Grove and continued attention to it,” she said.

“And that’s a concern, and when we accuse cheating or improper behavior, we take it very seriously.

“In the light of the fact that she doesn’t come forward, we look at our grievance and whether she has a reason not to come forward and needs to reach the bottom of it. Must be confirmed. “

Baumann reiterated that SA had no previous record of complaints from Groves.

Gloves posted on Twitter last November. “A few years ago, I definitely complained that a swimmer was uncomfortable staring at me with my tog.”

Groves announced on Instagram Wednesday that it will withdraw from Australia’s Olympic selection exams that began in Adelaide on Saturday.

She went further on Twitter on Thursday and posted:

“You can no longer expect them to represent you by exploiting young women and girls, body-shaming, or medically shining gas lights, and you’ll earn an annual bonus.

“Time out.”

After Madi Grove withdrew from the Olympics, Australian swimmers urged to elaborate on sexism

Source link After Madi Grove withdrew from the Olympics, Australian swimmers urged to elaborate on sexism

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