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AFL star Tim O’Brien, MCG Mark of the Year candidate

The O’Brien mark has been around for a long time. (Photo by Daniel Pocket / Getty Images)

Hawthorne forward Tim O’Brien threw a hat on the Mark of the Year ring with a classic grab against the Giants on Sunday.

Hawk midfielder Chad Wingard dropped three points in the middle of the term and sent a kick to the forward 50.

There was no shortage of orange and charcoal jerseys, but it was O’Brien that teammate Luke Broist unmarked for years and soared in the air in pursuit of football.

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“What a sign! … that’s a good thing,” Fox Footy’s Anthony Hudson said in a call to the game.

“It’s beauty. It’s a candidate (Mark of the year),” added Hawks legend Jason Danstor.

The Hawks, who controlled the inside 50 counts early in the second half, finally took the lead when O’Brien missed his first goal in the afternoon from behind the mark.

It didn’t take long for him to be second, but it was Mark who started it all that excited the fans.

After O’Brien’s first goal, the Hawks refused to abandon the lead for the rest of the quarter.

Alastair Clarkson’s team contributed only four goals this season, taking an eight-point lead to the main break.

Leon Cameron’s side will gear in the second half if he gets an important four points on Sunday afternoon, as next month’s dates to Melbourne, Sydney and Essendon could hurt the Giants’ hopes for the finals. Must be included.

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AFL star Tim O’Brien, MCG Mark of the Year candidate

Source link AFL star Tim O’Brien, MCG Mark of the Year candidate

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