AFL star Jaidyn Stephenson hospitalized for alcohol accident

North Melbourne kangaroo star Jaidin Stephenson was hospitalized after performing a mountain bike trick and breaking his hip.

According to Kangaroo, a 22-year-old kid was drinking with his housemate at his Melbourne home before the incident on Friday night.

Stevenson lost his balance while performing the trick and fell into concrete.

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Former Collingwood was admitted to the hospital on Friday and stayed overnight for evaluation the next day.

Stevenson could be hospitalized “for a while,” said General Manager of Soccer Brady Rawlings in North Melbourne.

“Jadin is pretty flat at the moment and I’m sorry I’m a little sick,” Rawlings said.

“Initially, after the accident, Jadin was able to walk, but the pain progressed until the ambulance was called.

“He was kept all night, and it looks like he might be lying down for a while. At this stage, he stays in the hospital and the surgeon asks if surgery is needed. Judge.

“It moistens what was a promising season for Jadin. We are disappointed with his poor judgment and his reckless behavior has caused him considerable painful injuries. rice field.”

Kangaroo will provide up-to-date information on his condition after Stevenson has been evaluated by hospital staff.

Given that the kangaroo ended the season as Woodspoon for the first time since 1972, Stevenson’s injury did not prevent him from appearing in this year’s final series, which began on Friday night.

Despite the low ladder position on his side, Stevenson enjoyed a powerful first season as a symboler. He played 19 games a year with an average of 19 dispositions per game.

He scored a goal against the West Coast of Perth in the 17th round, the club’s most memorable victory of the season, and launched three of the season’s best majors with a side victory over Carlton two weeks later. ..

AFL star Jaidyn Stephenson hospitalized for alcohol accident

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