AFL News 2021, Adam Ize, Next Collingwood Coach, Collingwood Next Coach

The four-time Premiership Hawk Jordan Lewis has declared the devil’s assistant Adam Ize his “favorite” to take over the vacant Collinwood coaching job in 2022.

Magpie is looking for a new senior coach. Nathan Buckley’s last clash with Melbourne on Monday’s Queen’s Birthday will be taken over by assistant Robert Harvey for the rest of the season. Some candidates urging to take the reins forever.

And Lewis gave Ize enthusiastic support for stepping up to the plate. The pair worked together at Hawthorne during Ize’s nine-year mission at the club from 2012 to 2020, played several roles this year before returning to the devil, and played 271 AFL games. ..

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Can Adam Ize be Collingwood’s next coach? (Photo: Michael Klein)Source: News Corp Australia

Talk about Fox Footy Saturday stretch, Lewis said Ize would be at the top of his list to become Collingwood’s next senior coach.

“I’ve always said that Adam Ize is my favorite. To be honest, I can only comment because it’s the one I’ve experienced the most,” said ex-Hawk.

Asked why Ize is so highly regarded in the coach’s rank, Lewis said: “Because everyone who was coached under him and had a relationship with him enjoys his company and he also has a keen football brain. He is really balanced.”

The 43-year-old was interviewed at the end of 2019 about Crows’ coaching position, but was overlooked by Matthew Nicks. Adelaide asked again about Ize’s service in 2021, but he wanted to stay in Victoria for family reasons and rejoined Melbourne.

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Western Bulldog legend Brad Johnson opposed Lewis, saying that the great Australian Rules football Peter Smith would be his preferred choice to lead Magpie.

“I’m a big fan of Peter Smith. It’s been years ago. I think he’ll have a big impact on football clubs,” Johnson said.

Sumich — Longtime Assistant Coach on the West Coast and Fremantle — Revealed earlier this week on Fox Sports News He will accept an interview for the job.

“If someone knocks on the door, no doubt (I’m interested), but we’ll wait and see,” he said.

“I think I did everything I could. I taught my side at WAFL, spent 15 years as a senior assistant at the AFL level, and taught young children for 4 years. This is through the system. It was a great experience to understand the coming young children, and spending a year in the media now is amazing to me.

“I checked a lot of boxes-we’ll wait and see. If someone knocks on the door, you never say.”

Peter Schmich is open to talking to Collingwood. (Daniel Pocket / Photo by AFL Media)Source: Provided

Alastair Clarkson, Ross Lyon, Sam Mitchell and others are also touted as candidates for becoming Collinwood’s next senior coach.

And no matter which direction the pie went, Lewis emphasized that they had to go back to the candidates and place the right people around them.

“No matter how they go, the most important thing is that they support the candidate, whether it’s an experienced coach or a coach who coaches the senior side for the first time.” He said.

“That’s important in the interview process. You need to include the right people (and) you need to choose the right people. Once they get a job, you surround them with support. You need to, but you can also get them back for a long time.

“With the best coaches like (Alastair) Clarkson and (Damien) Hardwick, we’ve experienced the moment the club was able to get rid of them. It has been successful.

“I’m not big in either camp (inexperienced or experienced coaches). I think it’s important to get the structure around them right.”

AFL News 2021, Adam Ize, Next Collingwood Coach, Collingwood Next Coach

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