AFL Grand Final 2021; How Optus Stadium in Perth and its fans compared to Melbourne’s Big Dance

At the beginning of the week, more than 8,000 people appeared to watch the open training session, and 180,000 people participated in the virtual queue of 10,250 Grand Final general admission tickets, setting a new national ticket record.

A teenage boy gets a free mullet haircut in honor of dog star Bailey Smith at a mall in the heart of CBD in Perth (called “Footy Place” this week) I was lined up for. Last week, the club was struggling to find a Perth clothing maker to restock.

Soccer fans arriving at Optus Stadium on Saturday. credit:Getty Images

Many who wore red and blue were fans of the Fremantle Football Club, who had been suffering for a long time (27-year Premiership drought and count), Includes myself..

Perth-based Melbourne fan Danny Morris was unbelievable when WA was announced to host the Grand Finals.

Heather McNeill (left) in the Dockers game.

Heather McNeill (left) in the Dockers game.

“Perth is known for many things. It’s a beautiful place, but when it comes to sports, it’s probably not the first thing people think about,” he said.

“We have a beautiful stadium. It certainly doesn’t fit 100,000 people, but we have everything we need for this event. The WA people clearly love their sport. This Is a great opportunity to show that we can host something like this. “

Chris Hardy, a longtime west coast supporter of the bulldog barracks, said the atmosphere around the stadium was something he had never been to.

“It’s great to be able to host the Grand Finals and show how crazy we are on football on the East Coast and how good we can do it.” He said.

For me, yesterday was the second Grand Final I’ve ever attended, and in 2013 I flew to the MCG and saw the Dockers beaten by the Hawks.

My friend and I were members and were enrolled in the club’s Grand Final Voting. When I filled out the online form, there was a small box at the bottom that said, “If you don’t mind the ticket just standing, check it out.” I checked it – I’m glad it’s packed in the corner of the MCG I’m in.

The flight to Melbourne was sold out before the Dockers made the Grand Final, so they spent thousands on flights to Adelaide and then to Melbourne without knowing if the team would be the deciding factor or not. I did. Get a ticket.

Both fell completely in place (and those who need a chair anyway).

That challenge – a week of gambling, cost, and unannounced holidays – is standard for local Docker or West Coast supporters on the rare occasions (very rare for Freo fans) for a team to make a Grand Final. Last.

But yesterday, this little old supporter, who was crazy about football at the age of seven, knew all the Eagles players by name and jumper number (sorry for switching teams, dad)-leaving home 15 A road to witness the history of sports that was only a minute drive.

Yesterday, Little All Perth and its gorgeous new stadium won the premiere of the AFL 2021 season.

It may take some time to sink it.

AFL Grand Final 2021; How Optus Stadium in Perth and its fans compared to Melbourne’s Big Dance

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