AFL 2023; Subtle changes to 50m penalties apply for new season

Former AFL champion Mick McGain is concerned that referees will have to guess whether a player is faking a handball as part of a rule adjustment for the 2023 season.

As one of the three subtle rule shifts, if a player who has taken the mark or been awarded a free kick stands behind a man who is stationary on the mark and pretends to play a handball, the 50m penalty is will not be paid.

A player used a fake handball to draw a player out of the ‘stand’ position, which would result in a penalty in 2022.

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This interpretation was made to try to simplify the game for refereeing, minimizing delays and reducing players’ abuse of the rules.

However, McGain pointed out that he was one of the few former players, meaning the referee would have to guess if the player was faking it or had changed his mind.

“Oh, no, no… now we are asking referees to determine if a player is faking handball.

Former AFL referee Matt Head also said it was just a “rule of thumb” and “not a way to solve the problem.”

This change will take effect from Round 1, with the second change, players entering the protected 5m area after awarding a free kick or losing a marking contest must either stand at the mark or leave immediately. need to do it.

A 50m penalty will be assessed if a player begins to mark and retreats before the referee calls ‘stand’.

Finally, in perhaps the least impressive and inspirational change, referees no longer alert players at the 15-second mark of set shots on goal, instead receiving a warning at 25 seconds.

Players are given 30 seconds to begin approaching set shots.

read next AFL 2023; Subtle changes to 50m penalties apply for new season

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