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Afghan ambassador in exile warns of “major problems” with the Taliban’s ability to respond to earthquakes

Afghanistan’s ambassador to Australia, Wahidura Waishi, called for the international community to play a major role in the reconstruction, raising serious questions about the Taliban’s ability to respond to its catastrophic earthquakes.
A representative of the former Afghan government, which was overthrown by the Taliban, said for the first time since the collapse of the country’s capital, Kabul.

The quake, which killed more than 1,000 people, put aside the previous resistance to speaking publicly and dealing with the current plight.

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He told SBS News that it was “disastrous” to see the disaster hit his country when he expressed concern about the Taliban’s ability to respond to the suffering caused by the crisis.
“I think that’s the biggest problem,” he said.

“After the fall of Afghanistan into the Taliban, there was a major brain drain, including the experts responsible for taking care of this type of support.

“It’s very difficult because the entire system has collapsed, and the number of casualties is increasing because people are under mud and stone rubble.
“They are still there and need urgent help.”
Since taking office as Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese has refused to justify the Taliban and has continued to be in the position of the former Morrison administration.
Australia also continues to acknowledge that Mr. Waishi, appointed almost a year before the Taliban takeover, serves as a representative of the Afghan people.

Since then, his focus has been to provide consular support to address the many challenges facing the Afghan people.

After the earthquake hit Afghanistan, people carry corpses removed from the wreckage of buildings

Officials say the quake destroyed about 500 homes in various parts of Afghanistan’s Spera district. sauce: Getty / / Anadolu Agency

Recent incidents have also come with Afghanistan, which is tackling a serious economic crisis and famine.

In response to last year’s acquisition of the Taliban, many countries have imposed sanctions on Afghanistan’s banking sector, saving billions of dollars in development assistance.

However, support from international organizations such as the United Nations continues.

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The asylum ambassador said he believed in the ability of aid groups to operate on the ground without giving money to the Taliban administration.
“The international community can provide a major role-they are already working together in terms of humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan,” he said.
“Afghanistan has relied on aid [a] Very long [time]..
“Advanced expertise has the experience of NGOs and local civil society communities still working to fund the affected areas.”
He added that the Australian Government was “doing its best” in response to the humanitarian needs of Afghanistan.
In April of this year, the Morrison government announced an additional $ 40 million in continued support for Afghanistan.

This brings the total commitment for the period 2021 to 2024 to $ 140 million.

Children in Afghanistan are standing near a house destroyed by an earthquake in the Spera district of southwestern Khost, Afghanistan.

Children in Afghanistan stand near a house destroyed by an earthquake in southwestern Khost. sauce: AAP / / AP

Mr. Waishi said he was in exile and had no “communication with Afghanistan’s current regime” that would affect the response of the new regime.

“We are not representing the current regime. We are representing the people of Afghanistan. Of course, they are the point of our main job,” he said. ..
Lack of communication and lack of proper roads have also hampered reconstruction efforts.
When asked if he intends to seek asylum in Australia, Mr. Waishi said he would like to continue to serve his people.
“This is very important because we need to serve those who continue to serve us.”

The United Nations warns that nearly 20 million people in Afghanistan (almost half of the population) are facing severe hunger.

Afghan ambassador in exile warns of “major problems” with the Taliban’s ability to respond to earthquakes

Source link Afghan ambassador in exile warns of “major problems” with the Taliban’s ability to respond to earthquakes

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