Adelaide Crows captain Rory Sloane speaks publicly for the first time since Taylor Walker’s racist controversy

Adelaide Crows captain Rory Sloan wants to welcome Taylor “Tex” Walker to the club in 2022, but admits that he “has a lot more to play” before returning to Westlakes.

Sloan stood in front of the media for his first press conference on Thursday since the news that Walker made racist comments in the SANFL game in July was reported.

Walker was fined $ 20,000 and was banned from six games in the case, but on Monday released an apology video featuring North Adelaide’s indigenous Robbie Young, the target of his comment.

Sloan said he hadn’t told Crows’ indigenous players and the entire playgroup about whether it would be comfortable to have a walker at the club next season, but said key forwards would be part of Adelaide’s 2022 campaign. He said he wanted it personally.

“If you’re asking me personally, of course, in an ideal situation, I would love him here. But it’s not that simple and there’s still a lot to do. It’s obviously a complicated issue, “Sloan told reporters.

“I’m on good terms with Tex. I care about him, but our football club also has a lot of good friends.

“That’s the balance at the moment. Make sure our indigenous players are well cared for.

“Tex is part of our football club, so I’m there for him too.”

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Earlier this week, Crows CEO Tim Silvers said it was “too early” for the club to call on Walker’s future play.

“It’s too early to guarantee (walker stays), but he has a contract and we have to work through many different people,” Silvers told SEN. Told.

“Our football club culture is of utmost importance, and we need to understand it correctly and consider reintegrating Taylor into the club at the right time.”

Mr Sloan said the incident was “quite tough” for Crows as an organization, adding that “many of our football clubs” were hurt by Walker’s actions.

“Our indigenous boys are clearly hurt. Our entire football club hurts,” Sloan said.

Asked what they can do to support the club’s four indigenous players, Ben Davis, Tallique New Church, Wayne Millera, and Shane Macadam, Sloan said, “arms around them.” ..

“Chat and have a conversation. I think that’s one of the things I encourage everyone to do,” Sloan said.

“Racism is a problem in Australia, so let’s have a conversation and celebrate the differences.”

Sloan said it was also important for both himself and senior coach Matthew Nicks to support Walker in a fallout from his comments.

“That’s my role, that’s Nicky’s role, that’s everyone’s role in the football club, to make sure everyone’s okay in this situation,” he said.

“Our indigenous boys, our players, and Tex are part of our football club, so we need to make sure he’s okay too.

“I think the main message to me throughout Australia is to celebrate the differences between people.

“Definitely don’t support racism. Treat everyone the same, but celebrate the differences between people.”

Walker may be in the club in 2022, but Adelaide announced Thursday that there are no two-time All-Australian defender Daniel Talia.

Talia has played 200 games for Crows since 2010, but was unable to compete in seniors this season due to two serious injuries.

Talia said she was “disappointed” to leave the club.

“I feel like I have more years left at the top level, but I understand the club’s decisions and directions,” Talia said in a statement.

“It takes a little time for the young family to think about what’s next. I’m always grateful for the opportunity I had to play for the crows.”

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Camera iconTalia was named Adelaide’s Best Fairest Player in 2014 and won the Malcolm Blight medal.Tom Huntley credit: News Corp Australia

The delisting of Talia took place two days after the club announced that it would not offer Tom Lynch a deal for next season.

“This year is an incredibly tough time, this little time because you can lose your best companion in a football club,” Sloan said.

“Especially (Talia and Lynch) have experienced incredible many good times and some difficult times.

“They are wonderful people. Saying goodbye to them is always the hardest part.

“We hope they do their best as a football club.”

Mr Sloan said he was uncertain whether Matt Crouch’s contract would be renewed after 2021.

Like Talia, Crouch has been kept away from the senior side due to injuries throughout the season, but Sloan said he wants the 26-year-old to stay in Adelaide.

“I love Matt Crouch. He’s obviously been injured this year and has been on the challenge,” Sloan said.

“I don’t know how it works, but I love him.”

Adelaide Crows captain Rory Sloane speaks publicly for the first time since Taylor Walker’s racist controversy

Source link Adelaide Crows captain Rory Sloane speaks publicly for the first time since Taylor Walker’s racist controversy

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