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With state borders reopening and international vacations booming again, Antony Catalano-led media company ACM announces investment in a world-leading travel technology platform, turning the growing Explore brand into an online travel market. I have a plan. The publisher of this masthead, ACM, has participated in the latest funding from the innovative travel technology platform TRAVLR. The platform also announced on Tuesday the development of a groundbreaking media deal with BBC Global News and preparations for expansion into other international markets. .. Launched in 2017 by Bali Bible founders Simon and Lanite Hennepe, TRAVLR is one of Australia’s fastest growing travel technology start-ups. TRAVLR is an online travel booking technology that integrates travel services around the world to create a single, easy-to-use interface for future travelers who want to book their next trip. TRAVLR, called “Travel asa Service”, is one of the widest range of travel products in the world. Recent funding backed by Tony Gandel, Antony Catalano’s ACM and entrepreneur Matt Berriman will support the successful development of new partnerships in Australia and New Zealand, allowing the company to expand into open markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. To TRAVLR already has important partnerships with Network Ten in Australia and in New Zealand. Antony Catalano, executive chairman of ACM, said his company’s network of national news websites is TRAVLR’s technology that allows local viewers to discover, plan and book customized travel experiences. He said he was looking forward to adding. “Explore readers enjoy our exciting and informative travel content, and we’re excited to provide you with a smooth and convenient way to find and book the best travel and accommodation deals in the world.” Said Catalano. The Explore Holiday brand was launched in 2019 on 140 websites of the ACM network, with a dedicated website and the Saturday edition of The Canberra Times and other daily newspapers of ACM such as Newcastle Herald and Bendigo Advertiser. Includes lift-out. The travel industry was “one of the most important structural changes of the first century, paving the way for new and innovative products,” said TRAVLR Simon te Hennepe, founder and CEO. “The launch and launch of new partnerships with the BBC Global News and others is evidence that the market recognizes the value of TRAVLR’s unique services,” said Tehenepe. Investor Matt Bergman said the global opportunity for TRAVLR is enormous. “I think it has the same enterprise media technology features as Unlocked (without relying on Google), which will help reach and support tens of millions of travel-hungry consumers. It will be, “says Berriman. te Hennepe said his company’s vision is “to change the way people dream, plan and experience travel forever.” “We want to enhance the travel experience like never before in the last 18 months. The future of travel depends not just on the size of the inflated discounts, but on the quality of the experience.” He said.


ACM Travel Tech Startup TRAVLR Unlocks Holiday Sale | Newcastle Herald

Source link ACM Travel Tech Startup TRAVLR Unlocks Holiday Sale | Newcastle Herald

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