Abbey Chatfield reveals that she is afraid of the threat of anti-vaxxers death

After months of applauding the false information about the Covid vaccine, Abbey Chatfield is facing a horrifying new wave of abuse.

Abbey Chatfield continues to talk about the false allegations that are widespread on social media about the coronavirus vaccine, so he has opened up about the “horrible” ways anti-bakers are trolling her.

Abbey gained fame after appearing Bachelor’s degree A successful influencer and podcaster in 2019, she has been using her online platform to promote Covid vaccination since the outbreak in Sydney began.

But it costs money to speak up, and a 26-year-old says: HIT Queensland Breakfast with Cliffo & Gabi The trolling she receives is more intense and scary.

Abby has been trolling for “two years” since she appeared. Bachelor’s degreeSo, until recently, receiving the average message was “nothing new.”

“This new wave of anti-vacsert rolls, they are a special variety,” she said.

“I get a lot of murder threats … The murder threats of voice memos are the worst. The text ones are fine, but the voice memos are scary.”

Abbey said the threat of audio murder left her “quite scared” and she now “reconfirms my lock at night.”

“The cop can’t do anything, just put it in a folder,” she said. “Just record it on the screen so you know who did it in case something happened.”

Last month, Abbey Faced a barrage of abuse accordingly NS Ticktaku She showed the outfit she would wear when the trip was allowed for a fully vaccinated person.

“I just want to go on vacation to Byron with my friends. I’m thinking at a beach hotel, I’m drinking and playing with random people because I can,” she said in a video. rice field.

“What do you think of me traveling the area in this outfit, unlike unvaccinated people?”

Abbey has revealed that he has removed malicious reactions from anti-Vaxers, including threats of murder.

Influencers use podcasts Applauds those who claim that her anti-vaxxer stance has seen her behave like a “nasty girl” To those who say “sexist and ridiculous” and have a different perspective than her.

“in the meantime Bachelor’s degree People would call me the average girl because I was sexual. Because they had the idea of ​​this one-dimensional woman, “she said.

“And now they call me a’nasty girl’. Because I’m frank and this nasty girl’s idea is very interesting because I don’t think I was nasty to anyone.

“I think I called people when they literally threatened my life, threatened me, or when they said stupid things. I’m sorry, I’m going to say you’re stupid. “

at first Abbey Chatfield is “quite scared” against the new Antibacs threat

Abbey Chatfield reveals that she is afraid of the threat of anti-vaxxers death

Source link Abbey Chatfield reveals that she is afraid of the threat of anti-vaxxers death

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