A woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a shisha pipe needle and killed her

The woman was charged with murder after stabbing her boyfriend on her nipple with Shishapin on an “immature” line.

A Brazilian woman was charged with murder on suspicion of stabbing her boyfriend with a shisha pipe needle and killing her.

Nicole Maria Ferreira da Costa (20 years old) is accused of killing Adaiuton Gomez de Abreu Sousa (24 years old) after forming an “immature” line over “Samosa” I am.

He was found dead on September 18th last year at her home in the municipality of Aparesida de Goiania in Brazil.

According to police, the woman used a hookah needle in a trivial debate over a typical Brazilian fast-food pastry dish called a samosa-like pastel.

The hookah is a water pipe used to smoke a cigarette, and the needle is used to puncture the foil at the top of the hookah bowl, allowing heat to be transferred from the hookah coal to the shisha cigarette.

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The dispute is said to have started earlier in the day when a pair went out with Mr. Suzah’s two sisters.

The couple began discussing pastel and continued when they returned to Costa’s house, where she allegedly stabbed him in the nipple.

Sousa’s sisters (ages 13 and 16) were out of the house when the crime broke out.

Investigators initially suspected that Mr. Sousa had had a heart attack before he noticed a wound on his nipple that pierced his heart.

Senior Researcher Eduardo Rodvalho told news site G1 that the man was likely “suffering for a short time” before he died.

Costa initially told police that her boyfriend attacked her with a broken water giselle pipe and stabbed him with self-defense before asking for help.

However, the woman was not injured, and investigators immediately denied the self-defense hypothesis.

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Police also said that fighting between “immature” couples was commonplace.

Costa wasn’t arrested at the time because she worked fully with the police and appeared to be suffering from the death of her boyfriend.

Sousa is a mechanic and has left a two-year-old daughter from her previous relationship. He was in Costa for about two years.

Costa was released on bail while waiting for the trial.

A woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a shisha pipe needle and killed her

Source link A woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a shisha pipe needle and killed her

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