A Victorian man with a long Covid called a liar by anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists

A young man stood in front of Victoria as a whole and bravely talked about his deep and personal experience. I didn’t want to follow after that.

Imagine how hard it is to stand in front of Victoria’s press gallery and tell a tragic story about being infected with Covid-19. A perfect stranger uses the footage to spread dangerous false alarms and label them as liars. Paid actor.

That’s what happened this week to a young man suffering from the tragic effects of a long Covid. This symptom turned him from a world-class college athlete into his former shadow, and he couldn’t get out of bed months after being infected with the virus. ..

Will, who spoke in good faith and in good faith with Prime Minister Daniel Andrews this week, has found new reasons for believing in Covid-19, even 20 months after the pandemic, from conspiracy theorists and anti-bakers. Received the most sneaky comments. It is harmless.

“It’s not as long as Covid,” said an anonymous account in a video discussing Will’s fight.

“How much was he paid to say what you wanted to say to him?” Another faceless troll chimed.

As seen throughout the pandemic, there were hundreds of similar statements from the bot’s network aimed at weakening the message.

“I can now tell you that if I’m real, real, and especially personal to me, I wouldn’t need to read the script,” said one social media user who didn’t use his real name. wrote.

“Isn’t he a crisis actor ??” wrote another. “I swear I met him before I did exactly this.”

Others were so enthusiastic about discovering the so-called truth about Will, so they went looking for his portrait on the internet.

They discovered and shared his social media and networking accounts — a textbook move for those who consider doxing to be an acceptable behaviour.

Overall, Troll read Will’s story (a story that began with the infection in March 2020 and has plagued him ever since) from a script written by someone else and told a lot of lies paid by a major pharmaceutical company. I reduced it.

Michelle, ICU Nursing Unit Manager at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, was targeted the day before when the Andrews government kicked her out to share a horrifying anecdote from the front lines of the fight against Covid.

“One of the saddest things I’ve seen in the last few weeks is people who want vaccinations just before they get into life support. That’s the absolute truth, I’ve seen it myself. “She said.

“They are begging for vaccinations, they are very young, and it’s really too late when we reach it and we’re trying to put them to life.

“Their families are repenting. They are asking us to vaccinate. This may be you.”

This message is important. Recently, the infection has reached a pandemic height, killing 11 Victorians in Covid-19 in 24 hours once this week.

But the reaction on social media was shameful.

Dozens of special accounts have been created to troll Michelle. They weren’t following anyone, had no followers, and were restricted on Twitter within hours due to “abnormal activity.”

Other accounts have done everything possible to paint the workers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as paid actors.

Steve Crowley’s account, which featured a profile picture of a man in a hat with the words “Make Victoria Great Again,” suggested that Michelle wasn’t a nurse at all.

“The same’nurse’Dan, who was rolled out today, posted Dan’s promotion on her LinkedIn a year ago,” he wrote.

Not the most controversial message.

Steve, who apparently spent a lot of time trolling Michelle’s social media accounts, wrote that she listed “no previous position” as “very strange.”

“Is she a real nurse or an actor?” He asked, before he seemed to answer his own question later.

“Someone advised me that Michelle is a nurse … it’s still publicity, nurses, and more.”

Let’s unpack that last bit. A nurse in the midst of the worst outbreak of Covid Victoria took the time to talk to the public about the risks associated with not being vaccinated against the virus.

It’s not a promotion. It is an important life-saving public health message.

And the people who provide it are far more valuable than being treated with contempt by the general public, who are obsessed with alternative stories that are completely unfounded in truth.

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at first Victoria’s shameful reaction to the true story from the front line of the fight against Covid

A Victorian man with a long Covid called a liar by anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists

Source link A Victorian man with a long Covid called a liar by anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists

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