A town in western New South Wales prepares for a deluge

Floods are expected to flood hundreds of homes in central west of New South Wales after a heavy rainy day surges inland rivers throughout the state.

Of greatest concern to the authorities is the padding of the Lucklan River, which has more than 8,000 people in the town of Forbes.

The Meteorological Department predicts that the town will experience a major flood from Tuesday, and the river is expected to peak on Wednesday morning at levels equal to or higher than the September 2016 flood.

Moderate floods occur upstream in Cowra, where water peaks, while large-scale floods are underway in Nanami, where water was expected to peak overnight.

The river there was higher than the peak of the flood in September 2016, but reached a lower level than that in August 1990.

The BOM said on Monday that it was too early to know how high the river would be when these floods reached Forbes, but the State Emergency Department said it would reach up to 800 locals before arriving in town. Warned me to prepare to leave.

Downstream of Forbes, large floods are expected from Monday at the Cotton Weir and Gemalong.

“One of the lucky things about floods in western New South Wales is that the floods are a slow-evolving event,” said BOM hydrologist Justin Robinson.

“Hopefully we can provide them with appropriate warnings and leave time for them to prepare for floods that actually arrive and affect their personal property and community. Probably. “

The Church of St. Andrews in Forbes was set up as an evacuation center because residents were encouraged to pay attention to SES evacuation text messages.

The Macquarie, Paroo, McIntyre, Belbula and Snowy rivers were also flooded after a month’s worth of rain in parts of the state in a few days.

“Some of these places are two to three times as much (received) as the ones available in November,” meteorologist Agata Imielska said on Monday.

“The catchment area is moist and the dams are full. This is exactly what we are talking about this season and the risk of flooding is high.

“It’s a really important time to pay close attention to flood warnings.”

A town in western New South Wales prepares for a deluge

Source link A town in western New South Wales prepares for a deluge

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