A suspicious superspreader of Omicron strain was found in Europe

European researchers believe they have discovered the world’s first Omicron superspreading event.

What is believed to be the world’s first Omicron Superspreader event was discovered in Europe.

While scientists and health experts are seeking information about Covid’s latest strains, one European researcher believes that a major superspreading event has occurred in Norway.

Early studies have shown that the new variants are more infectious than the Delta strain.

“Norway is watching the world’s first Omicron Superspreader event after a party in downtown Oslo last Friday. 120 healthy, asymptomatic complete vaccinations with negative test results Two of them recently returned from South Africa and were found to be positive, “Dr. Omicron said.

“Currently, about 80-90 of the 120 are PCR pos (positive), 13 of these are confirmed Omicrons, and the rest are waiting for sequencing results. Some of the Omicron infected people have parties. I wasn’t there, but I was in the same restaurant that night.

She later said that the latest tests revealed that 19 people were infected with the new variant.

This discovery happens when Australia is about to fight a new stock.

Currently, there are eight variants of NSW. The Department of Health confirmed that travelers arriving from Singapore to Sydney on Sunday tested positive.

Professor Catherine Bennett, Deakin University’s Epidemiology Committee, is studying Omicron and is “concerned” about its spread in Australia.

“Omicron contains peplomer mutations that increase infectivity, but it also contains peplomer mutations that can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine,” she told ABC.

She added that there were preliminary signs that the new strain may have been created by the original mutant of the virus combined with the Delta strain.

“We are very, very worried,” she said.

“This is because the mutants can recombine, and if someone infects the two mutants, recombination can occur that can lead to a more pathogenic and more infectious virus. It shows that there is. “

Fear of new strains is widespread throughout the country and industry.

A group of global health, business, development and aid organizations, along with leading epidemiologists, are calling on the federal government to step up its global immunization efforts following the emergence of Omicron variants.

The call came in the form of a joint letter from the Australian Business Council, the Australian Global Health Alliance, the Burnett Institute, the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, and the Infectious Disease Control Innovation Alliance.

The group argues that the risk of Covid mutations can be reduced, especially through coordinated global cooperation around vaccination.

The group is headed by End Covid For All, a health coalition, and spokesman Rev. Tim Costell said the spread of another variant of concern is surprising given the low global vaccination rates. It states that it is not.

“Australia enjoys some of the highest vaccination rates in the world, but it doesn’t make much sense for Covid to mutate into a vaccine-resistant strain,” he said.

“New unknown variants can undo progress even in countries with high vaccination rates. Covid-19 isn’t really over for everyone, until it’s over for everyone.”

at first A suspicious superspreader of Omicron strain was found in Europe

A suspicious superspreader of Omicron strain was found in Europe

Source link A suspicious superspreader of Omicron strain was found in Europe

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