A “slug gate” investigation reveals that health officials did not deliberately omit evidence

Although the omitted evidence included a report provided to the department by former Knox Council employee Lake Christie, who discovered that six caterers were feeding the hospital’s kitchen. , Only one person was investigated.

The report also stated that Mrs. Painter was eating only soft foods at the time, a type of meal that Cook Foods did not make.

“”[I’m] It’s clear that the patient didn’t eat the sandwich prepared by I Cook Foods, “Christy answered the question.

Another claim, first aired in the media and reviewed by the investigation, is that Kim Rogerson, an environmental health officer at the Dandenong Council until 2019, describes I Cook Foods as an unsanitary workplace from authorities. He was pressured to revise her report.

She edits a photo of a kitchen slug that her colleague Elizabeth Garrick claims was planted by council workers to justify the closure for a month in February 2019. I asked him that he had observed it.

Ian Cook, owner of I Cook Foods, has denied that the infection is related to his business and is suing Congress and the Department of Health for more than $ 50 million in damages.

He claims that the council targeted his business because the council and CEO John Benny were stakeholders in rival catering company community chefs.

Cook quoted a CCTV image showing Garlic standing for 17 seconds in the corner of the kitchen where the slugs were later taken.

In an August survey, Patten said: [that photo] I became a doctor. “

However, in a new report, Ms. Patten said that the evidence had been tampered with and that the council’s allegations of work culture issues were outside the Commission’s authority, and police and corruption agencies would investigate them. He said it was suitable.

The Legislative Council’s Legal and Social Affairs Committee has made 14 findings and 5 recommendations.

This is represented by the department changing the protocol to ensure that food is constantly tested for Listeria monocytogenes, body cameras being worn during food safety inspections, and written instructions regarding food safety investigations. Includes being offered to the store.

He also recommended that the Directorate General of Audit conduct an audit of local government food safety regulations and require the government to amend the Food Law to require investigative authorities to submit a report of evidence when closing the food business.

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A “slug gate” investigation reveals that health officials did not deliberately omit evidence

Source link A “slug gate” investigation reveals that health officials did not deliberately omit evidence

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